White House Hits Back Against Fierce Criticism Over Deep State


President Trump’s firing of Deep State Department Inspector General Steve Linick wasn’t fair and possibly “unlawful” left-leaning progressives complain. Sorry, that’s just the president doing his job, the White House hits back. Even if Linick is the fourth IG to get a pink slip in six weeks. President Trump isn’t going to keep buying kibble for toothless watchdogs who sleep on the job.


President Trump hits the Deep State between the eyes

With “Obamagate” exploding all over the internet, network talking heads are scrambling to spin things around in favor of the democrats. They can’t deny the charges so they try to misdirect the public’s attention. President Trump isn’t going to stand there and take the hits like Joe Biden, the White House is fighting back hard, whacking the Deep State controlled media right between the eyes.

The liberal network propaganda mill has been working overtime to control the damage, after last week’s flood of earthshaking Obamagate revelations. First came the notes which prove Michael Flynn was entrapped by the Federal Bureau of Instigation, then declassified transcripts that Adam Schiff intentionally hid from Congress and the public. Finally, came the confirmation that Obama himself knew what was going on in the Deep State shadows.

The media wants to distract everyone’s attention by shifting the focus to Trump’s purge of Inspectors General. The administration insists that Steve Linick was simply a “disloyal member” of the Deep State conspiracy “out to get President Donald Trump.”

Nancy Pelosi admits that the president has the authority but she questions it’s use. “The president has the right to fire any federal employee, but the fact is, if it looks like it is in retaliation for something that the IG, the inspector general, is doing, that could be unlawful.”

We only have one president

No matter what liberals think, Donald Trump is the one and only President of the United States. Trade advisor Peter Navarro was forced to bring that to the attention of ABC. There’s “a bureaucracy out there,” Navarro insists, of people who “think they got elected president and not Donald J. Trump.” He explains, “we’ve had tremendous problems with… some people call it the ‘Deep State,’ I think that’s apt.” Most would agree that hits the nail right on the head.

Navarro isn’t losing any sleep over the terminations. “So, I don’t mourn the loss of people when they leave this bureaucracy.” Ever since he took over, the Trump administration has been plagued by moles, spies and saboteurs, the “shadowy forces in an otherwise apolitical civil service” totally dedicated to “undermining the president.”

Navarro doesn’t care what progressives think. Officials can always be swapped out for someone more “loyal.” Not to the president, to the goal. “Not to the president necessarily, but to the Trump agenda. That’s what’s important,” Navarro added.

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  1. The more the Communist Party formerly known as the Demonic Rats cry and whine the more I smile and know that President Trump made the right play

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