Social Media Deals Bloomberg Campaign a Crushing Blow

This is going to sting.
Michael Bloomberg
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Michael Bloomberg was dealt a massive blow this week for one of his primary marketing strategies.

After bribing social media users to support him, Bloomberg found out that Twitter is suspending the accounts, treating them as spam.

Sorry, Mike

According to recent reports, Bloomberg was paying voters $2,500/month to spend about 20-30 hours per week backing his campaign on social media.

Bloomberg wanted the individuals to post positive stories about him, share positive content, as well as texting their friends and family to support Bloomberg for president.

Apparently, the campaign must have also been supplying the users with preformatted messages, which is what got Bloomberg in hot water with Twitter.

On Friday, Twitter suspended 70 accounts that were pro-Bloomberg for all having put out the same tweet.

This violates Twitter’s policy on “platform manipulation and spam.”

The Bloomberg campaign pushed back, saying their people did nothing wrong.

A campaign spokesperson stated, “We ask that all of our deputy field organizers identify themselves as working on behalf of the Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign on their social media accounts.

“Through Outvote, content is shared by staffers and volunteers to their network of friends and family and was not intended to mislead anyone.”

Just a Bad Week

When you add these Twitter suspensions into the equation, this was arguably the worst week any presidential candidate has ever had short of being forced to drop out.

Bloomberg had a pitiful performance during the debate and got crushed by Warren.

The former mayor has never been a strong debater, but there was more than just a bit of rust on his skills last week in Nevada.

Additionally, a bunch of old videos resurfaced with Bloomberg making nasty comments about minorities and women.

It got worse when it was revealed that Bloomberg silenced all these women with NDA agreements.

He has since agreed to allow three of the women that made sexual allegations out of their NDAs, but the question immediately arose as to how many he was not releasing from their agreements.

The overall complaint by his fellow Democrats is that Bloomberg is trying to buy this nomination and has zero credibility to run for office, especially with all of these skeletons.

His bank account, however, will probably outlast all of them, as it was reported earlier in the week that Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar are all facing financial issues as of February 1.

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