Scientists Stumble Upon Something that has the Entire World in Awe

Paleontologists in Spain found something that is utterly amazing.

They came upon perfectly preserved footprints of Neanderthals.

These are now thought to be the oldest prints ever discovered in Europe.

The Discovery

The paleontologists on the coast of Southwestern Spain were examining animal footprints that had been discovered nearby.

Then they unearthed these new prints, which caught the scientific world by surprise.

Neanderthals went extinct, it is believed, about 30,000 or so years ago.

The footprints in the sand offer a bit of insight into how Neanderthals were living at the time.

They are believed to have traveled in very small groups, not really associating with outsiders at all.

The fact that these footprints were so perfectly preserved is astounding, as is the information the scientists will be able to pull from them.

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