Governor Brian Kemp Suspends Gas Tax For Georgia

The state of Georgia, like many other states, has been buckling under the pressure of unprecedented levels of inflation.

And one of the places that pressure is felt most is at the pump; prices at the gas pump have risen significantly in recent months, and this has put a strain on many residents’ budgets.

In response to these financial difficulties, Republican Governor Brian Kemp has signed an executive order to declare a state of emergency and suspend fuel taxes.

This move will provide much-needed relief for hardworking Georgians struggling with the economic realities of high prices at the pump.

Governor Kemp issued Executive Order which suspends motor fuel taxes for diesel and motor fuel in order to help alleviate some of the financial burden felt by Georgians due to inflated prices at the gas station.

The suspension will take effect starting September 13 and end on October 12 according to Atlanta News First reports.

With this action, it is hoped that consumers can manage rising costs more easily while still having access to necessary resources such as gasoline and diesel fuel without being overwhelmed by taxes added onto their purchase price point at checkout time or during fueling up their car tank or vehicle engine.

This also keeps more money in people’s pockets so they can use it towards other essential bills or necessities like food purchases or rent payments instead of worrying about filling up their vehicles’ tanks with overly expensive gasoline prices priced too close to $4 per gallon rates in certain areas within Georgia’s boundaries.

The average price for a gallon of gas right now is $3.57 per gallon according to AAA stats, representing a 30 cent increase from last year alone.

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