State Planning to Pay Out $350K to Each Resident


California is moving forward full steam ahead on their reparations payment program. The latest figure floated across the negotiating table is $350,000 a head. “It’s a debt that’s owed, we worked for free. We’re not asking; we’re telling you.

Reparations on the way

The state of confusion called California isn’t able to pay for homeless shelters or police but they can cough up big bucks in reparations, to get the White guilt off their shoulders.

Governor Gavin Newsom created a task force which soon became a monster, yanking on its budgetary chains, hard. One vocal activist is screaming for “$350,000 to be given to every eligible Black person in the state.

Back east in New York, Eric Adams is paying close attention and already “endorsed the California effort and one in his state to give reparations out to both individuals and businesses.

Meanwhile, he can’t cope with a few busloads of migrants and one-third of his cops headed for the hills. He’s not getting replacements and the ones they are getting can’t seem to make it through the academy. Two cops mating in the bathroom don’t make more cops. At least, not as a near-term solution to the staffing problem.

Newsom’s task force spent enough money to end up with a massive 500-page report, released in June. They studied intently all the incidents of “segregation, racial terror and harmful racist neglect.

Now, that same taskforce gets to “decide how much each Black resident might be receiving.” Nobody is suggesting that any outstanding shoplifting accounts be deducted from the reparations check, though.

Subjects for monetary relief

The checks will have to be written out for an amount appropriate to cover “government taking of property, devaluation of Black-owned businesses, housing discrimination and homelessness, mass incarceration and over-policing, and health.

They’ve been dragging their feet for two whole years now and Black folks are getting anxious. The nine member task force should have been able to figure out “how the state could give reparations to Black Americans, what form those reparations might take and who would be eligible to receive them,” by now.

The hard part to figure out is “when these harms started and finished.” Riots are expected in the streets when Black Californians learn not all of them are going to get a check.

Reparations will only be available to “those Californians who are actually descendants of Black Americans from the 19th century.” The amounts are already under “discussion.

One attendee of the taskforce meeting, activist and 35-year-old coffee company owner Max Fennell demanded “every person should get $350,000 in compensation to close the racial wealth gap.” On top of that, “Black-owned businesses should receive $250,000, which would help them to flourish.

He’s the one quoted as saying “it’s a debt that’s owed, we worked for free. We’re not asking; we’re telling you.” His figure isn’t all that far off from what the economic consultant team recommended a reparations payment. They came up with $223,200 per person and announced that in early December. Meanwhile, California sits $25 million in the hole for their next fiscal year.

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