Texas Doctor Commits Murder to ‘Test’ the Legal System, Then Boasts About it


A Texas abortion doctor is bragging about carrying out a “test” of the new Texas abortion law by intentionally breaking that law. Dr. Alan Braid of San Antonio reported in the Washington Post that he carried out an abortion after the six week limit established by the controversial new “heartbeat bill” passed by the state legislature. Braid is now eligible to be sued by anyone according to the novel new enforcement tactic established by the law.


Texas abortion law “tested”

Flippant as it sounds to describe something as serious as the killing of a fetus as a “test” of the legal system, this is what Dr. Braid chose to call his decision.

In boasting about having carried out an abortion after a heartbeat had been detected, Braid is evidently daring Texas to respond with the consequences established by the legislation.

The law relies on civil suits, rather than law enforcement, to enforce the ban on abortions after six weeks, an approach that has allowed it to survive initial legal battles.

The state encourages any citizens to sue individuals who provide or enable abortions after the legal limit, promising to support successful lawsuits.

The Supreme Court declined to prevent the law from going into effect, meaning that it was allowed to proceed without any definitive ruling.

This has not stopped Dr. Braid from describing it as an unconstitutional law. The term is used somewhat loosely as, despite what liberals imagine, Roe v. Wade is simply a leftist court precedent and is not enshrined in the Constitution.

Abortion radicals mobilize nationwide

The Texas law has inspired fury from abortion advocates around the country; Dr. Braid’s is not even the most radical of the radical of the responses.

Democrats in Congress have called for a federal mandate to apply to all 50 states which would require that abortions be allowed at any point before birth and for any reason.

The national battle over abortion may reach a climactic point in the near future when the Supreme Court rules on a Mississippi law.

Despite the presence of a conservative majority on the court and the recent rejection of their Texas case, Democrats are determined to have their way with the ruling.

Biden, Pelosi, and other leading Democrats have made no effort to hide their threats to pack the court if the justices rule in favor of allowing future abortion restrictions.

Dr. Braid’s callous disregard for human life is fully in line with the position of one of the two major parties in the United States in 2021.

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