House Dems Vote to FORCE Unregulated Abortions in ALL 50 States


In an angry response to the recent Texas abortion legislation, House Democrats have passed a bill which would effectively legalize murder. The sweeping bill is unlikely to be approved by the Senate due to a small number of Democrats who remains skeptical about eliminating any and all restrictions on abortion. Still, the radical bill reveals a grim new resolve among Democrats to protect their ability to murder infants by any means necessary.


Democrats approve extremist abortion bill

The ghastly bill is called the “Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021” and it was quietly passed with near unanimous support among House Democrats.

It was a deceptively smooth presentation and approval for what must really be one of the most evil pieces of legislation which Congress has ever seen.

The bill would force states to allow abortions with no questions asked at any point before birth. There is no ethical or scientific ground for arguing that the child at this stage is anything other than a human being.

This should be horrifying to every sane person in the United States  (that’s a shrinking minority) who can see just how arbitrary and illogical this is as a moral decision.

If a fully formed infant can be killed ten minutes before birth, why not ten minutes after? America is rapidly approaching the point at which this will become a serious policy position advocated by Democrats.

Particularly horrific is the fact that Nancy Pelosi and other alleged Christians in the party are leading the pro-death cause while still claiming to hold serious religious convictions.


Right to murder coming soon?

The goal of the bill is to force conservative states to accept these repulsive policies against the wishes of local voters and lawmakers.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that abortion at any time and for any reason becomes a constitutionally required state of affairs for the entire country.

Democrats are extremely close to passing this radical legislation and they have made it clear that if the Supreme Court challenges their abortion policies they will not hesitate to pack the court.

Few countries have ever enacted an abortion policy which is so extreme. It is difficult to overstate just how grotesque and dehumanizing the bill is in its insistence on legally sanctioned child murder.

Aside from the fact that it is in itself so murderous, this bill would legally enshrine a complete disregard for human life in the United States. Where will future politicians draw the line?

In the near future, pro-life Americans may be forced to choose between what the courts say is constitutional  and what basic human decency says is right. One would hope they will not hesitate to choose the latter.

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