Texas High School Shooting Suspect Granted Bond Has Been Arrested AGAIN


Timothy Simpkins, the Texas school shooter who was released within just hours of his first arrest in October, is back in jail after violating the shockingly liberal terms of his bond. 18-year-old Simpkins was ordered to not use drugs or alcohol while out on bond. A court-ordered drug test showed that he was continuing to use illicit substances. Simpkins did not manage to kill anyone in his October shooting, though not for lack of trying.

School shooter arrested again

The 18-year-old reportedly got into a scuffle with a 15-year-old classmate on October 6 in Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas.

After the fight was broken up Simpkins grabbed a handgun from his backpack and began firing at students and teachers. The 15-year-old was injured, along with another student and two teachers, one of whom was pregnant.

The family of the school shooter claims that he was being bullied and opened fire on his classmates in self-defense. Arlington police have dismissed this claim, for which there is no evidence.

He was arrested after a brief manhunt. Within hours of that arrest Simpkins, who is black, was free again, a judge having ordered his release on negligible bond.

Despite doing everything in its power to ensure that Simpkins faced no consequences for attempting to kill multiple people, the American justice system has been unable to keep the shooter out of jail for long.

The specific substance for which Simpkins tested positive was not mentioned. The shooter had been free on $75,000 bond.

Shockingly liberal bond

The fact that a known school shooter was released on bail at all, let alone on such minimal bail, was shocking to many Americans but not particularly surprising.

The instant release of Timothy Simpkins is undoubtedly a result of the work of leftist groups like the Bail Project, who have worked hard to keep people like Simpkins out of jail.

These activists played a role in the release of the man who carried out the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre. This person was freed despite the fact that he had already shown an interest in killing people by ramming them with his vehicle.

Simpkins is just as dangerous and the people of Arlington, Texas were not safe while he was free. Just because the school shooter failed to kill anyone last time does not mean that he won’t try again and succeed.

A number of leftist judges have made a habit out of releasing violent criminals on minimal bond, often leading directly to assaults and murders.

Timothy Simpkins is known to be a school shooter with no regard for human life but the authorities in Arlington have been treating him as if they believe his family’s claim that he’s the real victim.

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