The Dems VERY Poor Attempt to Remove Ron DeSantis


Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, a Democrat, is working to remove Governor Ron DeSantis from his seat. With DeSantis the most prominent force in the National GOP field short of President Trump, to say it is unlikely that he will be unseated this term is a fairly serious understatement. 

According to FloridaPolitics, Gov. DeSantis has a commanding lead over the entire field of likely Democrat contenders. With an dominating 11 point advantage over Fried,

“DeSantis leads Fried 51% to 39% but notably holds a slimmer lead among independents, 48% to 32%. But DeSantis wins 89% of Republicans to Fried’s 74% Democratic support.”

DeSantis also leads Fried among independents with a staggering 16 point margin. A Cherry Communications survey also shows that the Republican front-runner has a comfortable job approval rate as well with 55% approving and 40% disapproving.

Firmly Aligned with Socialist Dems and The Biden-Harris Regime

Fried’s campaign seems to be a fairly dead letter at this point. It’s worth noting that President Trump carried the usually contentious state with a solid margin of 375,000 votes. Joe Biden spectacularly underperformed in Miami-Dade where the GOP was extremely successful in drawing attention to the Democrat-Socialist agenda powering his campaign which has lethally infected the DNC as a whole. Unfortunately for her, Fried has made several statements that place her in lockstep with Biden and the hostile socialist takeover of Congress.

According to Bipartisan Report,

“Fried has described DeSantis as maintaining “blind allegiance to an insurrectionist” and compared the DeSantis team to an “authoritarian regime.” and said that she is “here to break the rigged system in Florida,” describing the current political climate in the state as “corrupt” and “anti-democratic.”

Dems Efforts to Remove DeSantis are Likely Futile

In all likelihood this has poisoned any possibility of a Democrat enjoying the support of the Cuban emigre population ever again. There are few people who know the horrors of the socialist policies that Biden, Schumer and Pelosi are attempting to unleash on America better than the Cuban people who escaped it and their descendants. Republicans and President Trump were also much more successful in getting the vote out than the Democrats were.

Conversely, Nikki Fried, and indeed the entire Democrat field will be extremely hard pressed to generate any kind of excitement in Florida let alone remove DeSantis while the entire nation from a conservative perspective see Florida under his leadership as a beacon of hope and an exemplar of COVID19 recovery and releasing restrictions. The economy of Florida has come roaring back under GOP policies and if voters follow their wallets as they typically do, DeSantis’ re-election is all but assured.

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