The Roe Vs Wade Bombshell That No One Saw Coming


Another one of those “bombshell” reports dropped out of the clear blue sky this week, but this one hit Conservatives. The pro-life movement never saw it coming. Jane Roe of abortion’s Roe v. Wade fame stabbed them in the back on her deathbed, admitting the most infamous baby killer took pro-life bribes to change her stance.


Roe v. Wade plaintiff tricked her enemies

In the ancient mists of time around 1973 a.d., The guardians of supreme justice declared that “Jane Roe” and any other woman who chooses to murder her unborn child may do so, and can get professional help to do it.

District Attorney Henry Wade went home snarling, and got drunk. Progressives have been happily murdering children, especially black ones, ever since. Now it turns out that Jane Roe was paid off. She admitted it just before she died in 2017. She was paid off by the pro-life movement to say she changed her mind and regretted the decision. She lied. She says she would kill babies again if she could.

An inflammatory documentary is about the hit the airwaves on Friday. Christians are going spastic. Jane Roe’s real name was was Norma McCorvey. At the time of her heart failure she was 69-years-old. The bombshell documentary “AKA Jane Roe” will shock the public. “This is my deathbed confession,” she vows.

She was ‘a good actress’

McCorvey wasn’t about to head off into the afterlife with what she did on her conscience. “I took their money and they took me out in front of the cameras and told me what to say. I did it well too. I am a good actress. Of course, I’m not acting now.”

It was a lot of money. $450,000 in “benevolent gifts” from the pro-life movement was a fortune. She gladly accepted it and agreed “to change her stance.” Jane Roe ended her days in Texas, followed by film crews, telling them all about her “troubled upbringing.”

Most importantly, she details exactly how she was pressured and bribed into becoming “the poster child for the pro-choice movement.” She started rethinking her choices after “her conversion to Christianity in the 1990s.”

She didn’t change her mind though. Up to her death, she remained radically pro-choice. “If a young woman wants to have an abortion, that’s no skin off my ass,” she quipped. “That’s why they call it choice.” Libertarians agree. Republicans want to take that choice away on moral grounds. Progressives just like killing babies.

Evangelical pastor Rev. Robert Schenck, worked with McCorvey after her conversion to Christianity, and admits “the pro-life movement exploited her weaknesses” for its own purposes, just because she was Jane Roe. “What we did with Norma was highly unethical,” Schenck confessed. “The jig is up.”

  1. This entirely misses the point. Simply put, no matter the unseemly lengths the court went in order ot
    justify their ruling, Roe v Wade is still wildly unconstitutional. Federal gov’t has NO constitutional authority in the area of abortions. Read Art II Sec 8, Art III and check out the 9th and 10th Amendments. So, it shouldn’t be just a moral argument which, of course, it is, but a constitutional issue. The individual States alone have constitutional sway over issues involving abortion. PERIOD.

    1. You are correct. The high court should have never entertained the case; its area of jurisdiction is limited to constitutional arguments. All issues not addressed by the U.S. Constitution are left for the states to decide (per the Constitution).

    2. Mr. Delaney: You are entirely correct in theory but not in practice since those sworn to “defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” have not truly done so since the JFK assassination in 1963. And, Constitutional Law is under attack directly even on the SJC by Dolores Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg who prefer and extol the “virtues,” of International Law, even Sharia , over Constitutional Law and WHY we are in such horrid straits in this country, TODAY! We will not see improvement unless and until ALL Justices on that body avoid fawning over the political agendas of the parties that appointed them; FOR LIFE, and reach verdicts based on prior precedent by earlier SJC’s with minimal Political considerations which are the concern of the Legislative and Executive branches, NOT the Judicial branch! What ever happened to the responsibility of each branch to act as a check and balance on the other two? Because we have allowed this to occur, we are losing our freedoms and choices and the trend MUST BE HALTED~! PERIOD.

  2. Wow, she’s concerned about taking money to lie and going before JESUS when her other position is:”why yes, I helped kill millions of babies.Can I get into heaven?”

  3. Since 1973, more than 61 Million Babies have been Murdered thru Abortion! No flag flown at half staff for them! All of these UnBorn Angels are with Jesus today and the large majority of them will never get to meet their original mothers, in Heaven, because those same mothers, unless they Repent their Sins, are headed for HELL, same as those who helped with the MURDERS, including Planned Parenthood, which is a totally damned organization of Satan’s lapdogs! Luke 17:2 was clear on what would happen if you made little ones stumble in their faith. Just think of the consequences of MURDERING them! KAG!

  4. The point is missed entirely by those of no moral conscience and a lack of ethics or responsibility for one’s sexual comportment resulting in, as Al Gore would state, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH , which is now since Roe V Wade so very much easier to dispose of and with utterly no concern for the life of the unborn but living fetus destroyed before it has a chance to fully develop or now, even after being born as liberal lice would LOVE to see approved universally . It is wrong, always has been and ALWAYS WILL BE AND THE DECISION SHOULD BE REVERSED AS LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION AND THERE IS LITTLE DOUBT OF THE FACT. And since 1973, when Roe V Wade became law and I received my HONORABLE discharge from the U.S, Army, after having served HONORABLY in Vietnam for a Government that never had any honor at all for its Veterans of that War; and still doesn’t, this sorry country has assassinated nearly 63 million babies, a truly magnificent accomplishment in total violation of the HIPPOCRATIC OATH TAKEN BY EVERY DOCTOR I EVER HEARD OF AND WHY I TRUST NEITHER DOCTORS OR POLITICIANS, but, the politicians I have never heard joke about killing because they need a new Lamborghini, and the supposed doctor who did; was a woman not likely to ever be a good mother. period. And, if she IS a mother by some foul chance, I hope her daughter asks her what color the Lamborghini1 was; likely blood red~!

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