They Have Arrested the Deadly Police Ambushers

Defunded and demoralized officers of the Chicago Police Department arrested three suspects in connection with the ambush of fellow officer Ella French, during a recent traffic stop. Even though two brothers and an associate of theirs, who supplied the gun, are currently behind bars — there is no real confidence they’ll ever be properly prosecuted or convicted. Morale in the city’s law enforcement sector is so low that when Mayor Lori Lightfoot dared to show her face at the hospital where French’s wounded partner was being treated, she got the cold shoulder from all the cops, turning their backs on her as if it were “choreographed.”


Police take a stand

Reports that the Morgan brothers, 21-year-old Emonte and 19-year-old Eric, were charged in connection with the ambush was good news but not good enough for the Chicago Police Department. They rounded up 29-year-old Jamal Danzy earlier in the day and charged him with “purchasing the gun that was used in the fatal shooting of officer Ella French.”

He allegedly “bought it back in March from a gun dealer and then passed it off to someone else in Illinois with a criminal record.” That’s not the real story either.

Thanks to the liberal policies of the Democrats mis-managing the city, the murderers had been through the revolving door before. Both brothers were on probation. Emonte for robbery and Eric for theft.

The girl in the car with them at the time of the ambush was not charged with anything. Officer French was murdered and her partner shot when “three officers pulled over a car and one of the people inside shot at the police.” The car had expired plates.

“There was a struggle that went from the trunk of the vehicle to near the inside of the car. Shots rang out from the passenger-side front seat.”

French’s unidentified partner was hospitalized in critical condition. That’s when the real battle started. The one between Police officers on the street and the city officials who won’t allow them to enforce the laws.

High-profile blowback

Because of all the Black Lives Matter™ criticism of their time tested methods resulting in law enforcement being handcuffed to their desks, unable to enforce the laws and protect the public, they’re starting to wonder why they are there at all.

They’re leaving the force as soon as they can pry their way out the door. As The Post Millennial describes, criticism of enforcement action “often resulted in high-profile blowback from supporters, police unions, and some politicians, who argue that such criticism puts officers at increased risk.”

On Saturday, August 7, radically liberal lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot dared to make an appearance on the 7th floor at the University of Chicago Medical Center. She was met by French’s father, who happens to be a retired police officer.

As the father began “yelling at and blaming Lightfoot,” every officer in the waiting room “did the about-face. It looked like it had been choreographed.” The MSM downplays the way French’s father “excoriated the mayor and blamed her for what had happened. One source said Lightfoot handled herself well as the father yelled at her. She listened and treated him with respect.”

David Brown, superintendent for the Chicago Police Department “highlighted the bleak morale,” noting “officers felt unappreciated and complaining that the risks officers bear are not given due attention in the media.” Superintendent Brown is furious that his men “feel alone. They feel unsupported. They feel like no one appreciates the work they do.” When are Democrats going to realize, they’re “human. They have a lot of expressions of discouragement.”

FOP President John Catanzara stands behind the men who snubbed the Mayor. “Turning their backs on the mayor was an excellent example of how the hundreds of police officers felt waiting outside the hospital. They have had enough and are no longer going to remain silent anymore.”

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