They Now Want to Start Going After American War Veterans


The Democrat-Socialist Biden-Harris regime now seeks to use the Department of Veterans Affairs against the Veterans it exists to serve in a diabolical attempt to weed out so-called “misinformation and extremism” which they interpret as any view in opposition to them. It’s an absolutely disgusting perversion of an organization created to carry out a sacred obligation of our nation to provide medical care and support to our honored veterans.

Legislative Blackmail Turning the VA Against Our Veterans

Despicably, the woke leftists lacked the courage to make this a separate initiative and instead baked it into the budget proposal for the VA. This enables them to theoretically blackmail Republicans, and blast them in the media for “voting against our veterans” or “defunding the VA”.

According to MilitaryTimes,

“Included in the House Appropriations Committee’s proposal for more than $270 billion in department funding next fiscal year is language focused on “the unique vulnerabilities that veterans face online,” to include targeting of veterans by extremist organizations and groups focused on sowing division in the military community.”

The Budget proposal contains an entire section entitled “Combatting Online Misinformation and Extremism” it states,

“The Committee is concerned by foreign and domestic actions to exploit veterans through the use of online misinformation and manipulation. These efforts to spread extremist views and conspiracy theories among the veteran community have severely damaging effects, such as spreading conspiracies that may have motivated participation in the Capitol insurrection on January 6, 2021.”

They continue to outline efforts they suggest for the VA to “engage” with the DoJ and Homeland Security and concerningly “Civil Partners” (Like social media platforms? Or the Southern Poverty Law Center? George Soros maybe?) to develop a program to “educate veterans about malign influences” with “specialized counseling services”, and “internet propaganda literacy that are appropriately targeted to different veteran populations”

“The Committee feels strongly that the VA should engage with the veteran community to better understand the unique vulnerabilities that Veterans face online, and that the Department should establish a comprehensive, evidence-based program to educate veterans about malign influences, transition assistance to include specialized counseling services, as well as research into operations and methods to discern against disinformation. This should include developing evidence-based social media and internet propaganda literacy programs that are appropriately targeted to different veteran populations and an understanding of appropriate counseling options.

“The Committee encourages the Department to engage with the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, as well as civil society partners, in developing this program, and directs VA to report to the Committee within 60 days of the enactment of this Act on its plans to implement this program, including a cost estimate of additional resources that would assist in implementation.”

The MilitaryTimes reports that the budget bill is months away from being considered and the provision could be stripped out by the Senate, but this is a crystal clear example of the Democrat-Socialists holding funds for our Veterans (or Military, Law Enforcement, [insert any Conservative priority here]) hostage in order to accomplish their nakedly partisan and nefarious goals.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has only recently under President Trump regained a modicum of trust from our Veterans and the public at large, adding them to the ever-growing political inquisition the Biden-Harris regime is building will undermine their mission and destroy any hope for restored credibility they may have had.


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