They’ve All Been RELEASED… More than 350,000…


Since Joe Biden has been in office, the situation at the border has been complete and utter chaos.

The only thing that Biden has done on this front is create an app for migrants to request asylum before coming over the border.

This app, however, circumvents the process, and now we are finding out just how much that is happening.

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The app is called CBP One.

All the app does is fast-track immigration asylum claims and all but guarantees they are released into the United States.

Mind you, these are all people who would normally be refused asylum, but it is being granted because they are using the app.

So far, about 350,000 people have used the app, and 99% of them have been permitted to enter the country.

In October alone, another 42,000 applied for asylum by the app, so the numbers now are growing far more than was originally laid out when the app was introduced.

This has allowed Biden to move what would have been 42,000 encounters last month from illegal entry to legal entry, playing games with immigration numbers to make it appear as though he and Mayorkas are actually doing something.

They have made a mockery of our immigration system, and will continue to do so as long as Joe Biden is in the White House.

Source: Breitbart

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