THIS is How Trump Will be Vindicated


Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel discussed President Trump’s leadership in regards to the coronavirus and praised his efforts during a very trying time. 

Republican Chairwomen Lays Out Facts

McDaniel was on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” on Sunday where she said that “20/20 vision is, in hindsight, perfect” and said the president’s actions have been “calm and steady and methodical” as he’s navigated the virus outbreak.

The chairwoman specifically pointed out President Trump’s early decisions of canceling travel from China and forming the coronavirus task force.

“The president was calm and steady in a time of unrest and uncertainty. And I think history will look back on him well as to how he handled this pandemic,” she said.


Audio excerpts that were released last week showed that the president wanted to avoid causing people to panic which is the opposite of what Democrats want.

Trump Made Smart Moves Early

“I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic,” he said.

Seeing as the CDC came out with reports that say only 6% of COVID deaths were actually from COVID alone, many conservatives’ thoughts about the virus being politicized were shown to be true.

Joe Biden said this move was proof of a “life-and-death betrayal of the American people.”

Well, Biden, Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats all said Trump was overreacting with his China travel restrictions and that it was nothing more than the flu. Top politicians called the president racist for his move to keep the American people safe by limiting travel from the communist country.

McDaniel Defends the President

McDaniel defending the stance of trying to keep calm which she discussed in the interview.

“I disagree that the president took political calculations into a global pandemic like we’ve never seen before that has decimated not just our country but countries across the world,” she said.

“Think of what would have happened if he’d have gone out and said: ‘This is awful. We should all be afraid. We don’t have a plan,'” she said. “It would have been a run on the banks. It would have been a run on the hospitals. It would have been a run on the grocery stores.”

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