Top Dem Candidates Ask for THIS, Then Rep. Scalise Drops the Mic

Steve Scalise
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

Several weeks ago, Project Veritas started to publish undercover videos inside the Bernie Sanders Campaign.


It brought to light the violence and rage inside his support team, and it has been getting significantly worse since.

Numerous Trump supporters have been attacked, with most of the fingers being pointed at Sanders’ supporters, but some Democrats say it isn’t so.

Keith Ellison, for example, recently sent out this tweet…

But Rep. Steve Scalise had a true mic-drop moment with a simple tweet of only six words…

The Scalise Shooting

Rep. Scalise, as you may recall, was shot in 2017 while practicing with his softball team.

In all, there were four people shot before the shooter was taken down.

In addition to Scalise, Officer Crystal Griner, aide Zack Barth, and lobbyist Matt Mika were also shot.

It took about ten minutes from the initial shots being fired, but police were finally able to put the shooter down.

The shooter was later identified as James Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson was not only a Bernie Sanders supporter, hence the mic-drop tweet from Scalise, but he had also volunteered on the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Sanders’ Outrage

Sanders’ supporters have adopted the madman persona of Bernie, with many of them threatening to destroy Milwaukee if Bernie Sanders does not receive the nomination.

Kyle Jurek, a Bernie Sanders field organizer, was one of those on video caught by PV threatening to burn down cities if Donald Trump was re-elected…

What is so amazing about this, though, is that the mainstream media has failed to call out Sanders for the comments made, acting as though this never happened.

Make no mistake about it… there are going to be two very trying times for the United States very soon.

The first will be if Bernie Sanders is leading with delegates but loses the nomination at the convention once the superdelegates come into the equation (they are activated if a second vote is needed).

The second will be if and when Trump wins re-election.

When these events happen, the tolerant left will be setting our country on fire and it is all but guaranteed ANTIFA and Sanders’ supporters will be leading the charge.

  1. Yes, and the media hardly mentioned the shooter was a Bernie lover who planned the attack and traveled a distance to carry out his socialist/communist teaching of wipe out those who get in your way by either killing them (65 million Stalin killed in Russia) or sending them to the gulags. The only difference was that after the revolution calmed down Stalin and his cronies did their hate and power trip in the dark away from wiping out Christians in church schools out in the public eyes to doing kidnapping and jailing in sneak attacks and relatives didn’t know what happened to victims. Same thing in Cuba and Hungary and Poland and so many other countries. And if Bernie and his socialist commie party gets elected it will start slowly and than wipe out those who disagree out of the public eye because that is the way communism gets in power and stays there.

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