Top Democrat Arrested!

police arrest robbery shooting manhunt

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)…

This is a non-profit specializing in civil rights and that is leaned heavily on by government agencies to identify white supremacist groups.

Well, one of that organization’s attorneys was among those arrested in Atlanta for a domestic terror incident.


The left has truly lost its way in this country.

I have no problem sitting down and debating issues with someone who has different beliefs than I do.

That is how you understand and respect the other side, but that is not where we are today.

No, this new breed believes their way is the only way, and if you disagree, you need to be eliminated.

To that point, a police training facility for the Atlanta PD came under attack with, among other items, Molotov cocktails.

One official stated, “This was a very violent attack, very violent attack.

“This wasn’t about a public safety training center.

“This was about anarchy, and this was about the attempt to destabilize, and we are addressing that quickly.”

One of the individuals arrested in the attack was Thomas Jurgens, 28, an attorney for SPLC.

SPLC, of course, denied their attorney had done anything wrong…

The group continued, “This is part of a months-long escalation of policing tactics against protesters and observers who oppose the destruction of the Weelaunee Forest to build a police training facility.

“The SPLC will continue to urge de-escalation of violence and police use of force against Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities — working in partnership to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements and advance the human rights of all people.”

You can look at the pictures for yourself and tell me if you think he was there as a legal observer.

Source: The Blaze

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