[WATCH] Trump Embarrasses Biased Reporter Following ‘Loaded’ Question

Trump didn’t hold back.
Donald Trump
Photo via PBS NEWS HOUR YouTube Video Screenshot

Donald Trump has never had a problem dressing down a member of the media when they ask a loaded question to try to make him look bad.

When PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor asked Trump if he was going to take responsibility for the outbreak here in the United States, Trump went off…

Looking for Blame

Alcindor was referring to the White House Pandemic Office, a group put in place by then-President Barack Obama.

The elimination of the office was widely considered to be a cost-cutting move at the time, but now it is plaguing Trump.

Trump has commented on this in the past, saying he doesn’t like paying people to sit around and do nothing.

However, this specific elimination is now regularly referred to by Democrats as the reason the White House’s alleged delay in dealing with the coronavirus could lead to more deaths.

Would the WHPO Have Helped?

Not being a medical expert, it is tough to say just how much influence this office would have had on this pandemic or the actions taken by the White House, which is why this question is so frustrating for Trump.

When we look at the real problem in the delay of testing kits, though, this office should have made a recommendation to fix this quite some time ago.

Dr. Fauci has repeatedly stated the CDC was not set up for this type of pandemic.

The CDC tried to create testing kits but failed, which is why private industry was brought in.

If this office was working specifically to fight against a pandemic hitting the United States, why had it not already addressed this issue, one that was also present during the H1N1 outbreak?

I am not saying Trump was right or wrong to have eliminated that office, just presenting a question as to why this specific problem had not been addressed prior to the outbreak occurring.

A room filled with people all predicting there will be a pandemic is fruitless if they have not put measures in place to prevent a pandemic from spreading throughout the country.

One would think a great starting point would be identifying needs to ensure testing could be immediately ramped up to identify cases as soon as possible.

Reporters having hindsight is great but based on how things played out, other than predicting a possible pandemic, that office seemed to show very little foresight at all, which is why the office was established in the first place.

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  1. Office was probably established by communist-democrats and they have no foresight at all. Probably can’t even spell it.

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