Trump Officially Signs USMCA, Markets Take Off

It’s finally done!
Trump Signs USMCA
Photo via Fox Business Video Screenshot

Just moments ago, Donald Trump put his trademark signature on the USMCA trade legislation.

It literally took seconds for the markets to respond, with stocks soaring in anticipation of the boom to the economy this will bring.

Big Things Coming

It took some time to get Congress off their butts to get his deal done, but Trump was finally able to get a legacy trade deal in place, approved by Congress, and working for the American people.

The deal has already been ratified by Mexico, with ratification from Canada expected to come in the very near future.

This is considered to be one of the biggest trade deals in history, accounting for more than $1.3 trillion of commerce.

Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette stated, “You’re going to see more jobs all across the economy, in the automobile sector, in the agricultural sector, and of course, in the energy sector as well.”

Combined with the Phase One China trade deal that was signed earlier this year, farmers especially are expected to see a significant boom in business.

Trump stated, “This is a colossal victory for our farmers and ranchers.

“Everybody said this was a deal that could not be done, but we got it done.”

There is also a considerable bump for automobile manufacturers, with the deal calling for 75 percent of automobile components to be manufactured in the United States to avoid massive tariffs on imports.

By the year 2023, between 40 to 45 percent of the parts must also be made by workers earning at least $16/hour.

Economic experts have predicted the new trade deal will add roughly 80,000 jobs to the auto industry and more than $30 billion in new investments.

In its totality, the new trade deal is expected to create almost 600,000 jobs.

During his Tuesday night rally in Wildwood, NJ, Trump stated, ‘We’re restoring America’s industrial might like never before.

“They’re all coming back. They want to be where the action is.”

As long as he is re-elected this boom has no end in sight. The ONLY way this can possibly go wrong is if a Democrat is elected to office and he or she tries to undo everything Trump has done.

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