Trump Supporters ENRAGED After This Happens


Trump supporters aired their grievances after the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Program.

Nobel Committee Shams Trump

The Nobel Committee announced Friday that they gave the award to this program for its “efforts to combat hunger” and “its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas.” 

Despite President Trump negotiating historical deals to better relations between the Middle East and Israel, he was glossed over for the prize.

Trump Supporters are Furious at Decision

This made many of his supporters furious and claimed unfair treatment.

As reported by Fox News, Laura Huhtasaari, an MEP and a member of the right-wing Finns Party, wrote to the Nobel Committee to nominate Trump for the 2021 prize “in recognition of his endeavors to end the era of endless wars, construct peace by encouraging conflicting parties for dialogue and negotiations, as well as underpin internal cohesion and stability of his country.”

“It is hard to imagine a president of the United States from the last decades, or a current head of state, who would deserve more the Committee’s recognition in 2021 than President Trump for his efforts to build peace in the world,” Huhtasaari writes.

Nominated Multiple Times

President Trump was first nominated for his role in the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates by a Norwegian Parliament – a nomination his supporters knew he greatly deserved.

He received a second nomination from a Swedish Parliament member for his actions in the U.S. mediating a deal between Serbia and Kosovo.

Lastly, he was nominated a third time by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Asa Al Khalifa and a Member of Finland’s Parliament for the Bahrain-Israel deal.

The president has been getting support from people all over the world for him to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. In September, three members of the European Parliament created a resolution for the E.U. to nominate him for the prize.

“Most of my fellow Euro-parliamentarians will regard such a suggestion as a provocation,” said Rob Roos, a Dutch member of the parliament. “They believe that they embody the good and that Trump embodies evil. But a closer look at Trump’s actual record can only lead to the conclusion that he has devoted his presidency to world peace, and with considerable success.”

With the president brokering more peace-related deals than any other president in history, it is no wonder why his supporters are so upset.

  1. Because Trump was nominated, of course, suddenly, so is Biden. Biden has the intellect of a bag of wet hair. Democrats have become so obvious in their hate for Trump, nobody can think how a Democrat like Biden would be good for this country.

  2. The NPP Obama won was bought and paid for by the Democrats. Obama did absolutely nothing to deserve the prize he took, Trump had out done Obama in spades (pardon the pun)

  3. The Nobel Committee is probably fed up giving the prize to American presidents. The last one they handed out was given on the basis of a speech-some crap about hope and change and stopping the ocean from rising. Their reward was that Obama funded ISIS and drew lots of lines in the sand (which, could fairly easily be moved because sand isn’t very stable). In other words, his contribution to world peace was every bit as successful as all of his other programs

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