Israel UN Ambassador Rages Against Possible Sanders Presidency

Even our allies don’t like him!
Bernie Sanders
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Part of deciding an electable leader is how other elected officials and world leaders perceive that person, especially our allies.

Well, our biggest ally in the Middle East has just made it painfully clear Bernie Sanders will be a huge problem when it comes to relations with Israel.

An Ignorant Fool

Bernie Sanders may be one of the most hateful Jewish people on the planet.

For some reason, the man seems to despise Jews from Israel as well as the country itself.

He sides with communist and terrorist nations that have rained hell down upon his very own people, yet he does this without shame.

It may play good for the millennials and ignorant, but Israel is watching and they are far from happy about his current success in the primaries.

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon pulled no punches at all in terms of how he feels about a possible Sanders presidency.

After having been a victim of Sanders’ attacks in the past, Danon stated, “Whoever calls the prime minister of Israel a ‘racist’ is either a liar, an ignorant fool, or both.

“We don’t want Sanders at AIPAC. We don’t want him in Israel.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a bit more restrained in his comments.

Netanyahu stated that he believed Sanders was “wrong” in the past statements that he made.

However, he also added that he did not want to say anything that would make it appear as though he was trying to interfere in the upcoming election.

Impact of Election

Just how much will these comments impact the upcoming election?

It depends on the audience, honestly.

Believe it or not, there is a significant Jewish base in this country that sees things trough Sanders’ eyes.

However, there are also more moderate Jewish citizens in this country that may have been on the fence in terms of who they were going to support.

Will they vote for Trump come election day or just stay away from the election? If Trump is able to land that more moderate undecided voter rather than them just sitting out the election IF Sanders is the nominee, it could be fairly significant for Trump.

  1. Nobody in their right mind would sit out this election in November. The future of America and our very lives depend on electing the right man and that man is President Trump. The democrats are insane socialists, all of them not just Sanders.
    Vote RED, Remove Every Democrat.
    KAG, Trump 2020

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