Ugh…Did the ‘Kraken’ Just Fizzle?

Ugh...Did the Kraken Just Fizzle?

The fight isn’t over, though the Kraken has hit a setback. Two judges, one appointed by Barack Obama, and another by establishment Republican George W. Bush have dismissed major lawsuits filed by Attorney Sidney Powell.

Conservatives may be disappointed by these rulings, but its not over yet.

The Michigan lawsuit, rejected by the Obama appointee, was an attempt to decertify Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s election victory due to alleged irregularities and to have President Donald Trump declared the winner of the state’s 16 electoral votes.

Making a blatantly biased statement, U.S. District Judge Linda Parker in Detroit wrote about the case she dismissed: “This lawsuit seems to be less about achieving the relief plaintiffs seek — as much of that relief is beyond the power of this court — and more about the impact of their allegations on people’s faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government.”

The Georgia lawsuit was reportedly dismissed by the Bush appointee for lacking standing, being filed too late, and requesting “the most extraordinary relief ever sought” in an election case. Judge Timothy Batten spoke about his dismissal, stating: “Federal courts are of limited jurisdiction; they are not the legal equivalent to medical hospitals which have emergency rooms that are open 24/7 to all comers. In their complaint, the plaintiffs essentially asked the court for perhaps the most extraordinary relief ever sought in any federal court in connection with an election.”

“Much like the mythological ‘kraken’ monster after which Plaintiffs have named this lawsuit, their claims of election fraud and malfeasance belong more to the kraken’s realm of mythos than they do to reality,” lawyers for the state wrote in a brief.

Powell, who promised to “release the Kraken” in the form of major lawsuits against the illegitimacy of the 2020 election, seemed frustrated. Many conservatives who were counting on these lawsuits may be frustrated now too.

“I’ve never seen a more specifically pled complaint of fraud, and we’re replete with evidence of it. Both mathematical, statistical, computer, expert, testimonial, video and multiple other means that show abject fraud committed throughout the state of Georgia,” Powell said.

It is strange that the judges both insisted that the lawsuits did not have enough evidence, while Powell and her team insist that there was plenty. The American people cannot give up because of this setback, because that is exactly what it is, just a setback. Biased judges should not be the arbiter of truth when it comes to this election, which is riddled with credible allegations of voter fraud and irregularities.

These lawsuits may find their way to a higher court, and the evidence may actually be examined by real investigators.

Senator Ted Cruz is not standing idly by, he is volunteering to help with the current lawsuit in Pennsylvania, tweeting: “If #SCOTUS grants cert in the PA election case, I have told the petitioners I will stand ready to present the oral argument.”

If the lawsuit is successful in Pennsylvania, other battleground states may follow suit. There is a chance that Republican State Houses in battleground states riddled with fraud could dispute the electors in their states.

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