Pressurization Issue Causes Flight to Drop 28,000 Feet in Altitude

On the evening of Wednesday, September 13, United Airlines Flight 510 took off Newark Liberty International Airport with the destination of Rome, Italy. The flight held 270 passengers and 14 crew members. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when the pilots encountered a “pressurization issue”, forcing them to divert back to Newark.

According to Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson speaking with Fox News Digital, the aircraft dropped in altitude by an astonishing 28,000 feet in 10 minutes before turning back towards their point of origin.

A spokesperson for United Airlines informed Fox News Digital that Flight 510 had been forced to return to Newark “to address a possible loss of cabin pressure.”

Fortunately for those onboard, no actual loss of cabin pressure was experienced and the plane landed safely at 12:25am Thursday morning, September 14.

The airline opted to switch out aircrafts so that passengers could continue their journey without further delay or disruption.

Despite experiencing this unexpected setback on their way to Rome–Fiumicino International Airport, passengers were still able to make it safely and without much further delay thanks largely in part due to the swift response by United Airlines staff and crew members.

This event serves as a reminder of just how seriously airlines take passenger safety while also highlighting how quickly they are capable of responding when issues arise mid-flight.

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