Update on the Situation in Gaza


U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is calling for “much more to be done” so that civilians can be protected in Gaza and humanitarian aid can be delivered where its needed most. While in New Delhi for the US-India Ministerial Dialogue, Blinken spoke on the sidelines, expressing appreciation for Israel’s decision to implement four-hour daily pauses in northern Gaza that would allow Palestinians to evacuate or stock up on basic necessities.

He also urged additional trucks filled with humanitarian aid into Gaza, as well as ensuring an adequate supply of fuel for hospitals and desalination plants.

The Biden administration has put forward several principles that will guide the peace effort once the war ends, including no forcible displacement of Palestinians from Gaza, no use of Gaza as a platform for terror attacks against Israel, no reduction in the territory, and a commitment to Palestinian-led governance for both the West Bank and Gaza.

Despite this push towards lasting peace, Israeli officials have expressed their desire to create a buffer zone within Gaza after the war – something which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists does not mean reoccupation or governing over it.

Furthermore, Foreign Affairs published an article written by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan prior to October 7th which failed to mention any commitment towards a two-state solution – although this was added when the online version went live following Hamas’ massacre.

The secretary defended this omission by claiming that it was necessary firstly to ensure calm before making advances towards peace, adding that they had previously pushed back against moves such as expanding settlements and legalizing wildcat outposts, along with organizing regional meetings between Israeli and Palestinian leaders – which were something not seen in over 10 years prior.

Amidst criticism regarding their efforts so far towards a two-state solution, Blinken reasserted that they had long been committed to such an endeavor, noting how they had also attempted talks with Saudi Arabia normalizing relations between them and Israel prior to outbreak of hostilities.

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