Video: Chaos Ensues as Man Purposely Drives His SUV Into Police Station

capitol police
capitol police

New Jersey police were in for quite a surprise on Saturday, September 30 as a driver in an SUV plowed straight into the police station. It’s reported that the man was blasting Guns N’ Roses “Welcome To The Jungle” as he made his way through the building.

Now, the driver, John Hargreaves, is facing charges of terrorism…which could carry a possible life sentence.

John Hargreaves had been driving around the area prior to crashing his car into the police station. He had already driven through a garage door at a nearby home shortly before attacking the station.

His motivation for this attack remains unknown at this time, but it is clear that he was intentionally targeting this police station with malicious intent and disregard for human life.

Video evidence shows Hargreaves plowing through the wall of the police station with no regard for safety or consequences of his actions. Thankfully, officers were able to detain him without any further incidents occurring during or after his arrest.

In light of these events, he now faces charges that carry a possible life sentence due to their terrorist nature – something that is rightfully deserved given how reckless and thoughtless his actions were on that day in New Jersey.

WABC7 reported on the incident:

INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WABC) — A driver in New Jersey plowed into a police station.

The SUV burst through a wall in Independence Township in Warren County. Police identified the driver as John Hargreaves.

Police say Hargreaves intentionally crashed as he blasted the song ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’

They say he also drove into a garage door at a nearby home shortly before the crash.

The motive is unclear.

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