Voting Disaster: Iowa Caucus a Complete Debacle for Democrats

Right out of the gate, the Dems messed up the Iowa caucus.
Iowa Caucus
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

The first state has voted and, well, we have no idea who won the caucus.

The DNC tried to incorporate more transparency in this election and by all signs, all they did was the make system more susceptible to corruption.

Who Won?

At this point, we still have no idea who won the state, but most reports say results should be produced later today.

In the meantime, virtually every candidate in the race claimed victory.

Bernie Sanders took the dais at his Iowa party and told his supporters they took the “first step” in defeating Donald Trump and removing him from office.

Joe Biden promised his supporters they were going to get this done.

Amy Klubacher, who has enjoyed a significant push lately, also told her supporters things were looking very good and they could not wait to get the election results.

Warren claimed the race was “too close to call,” but her support has been dwindling and she may be lucky to come out of the state with a single delegate.

The most enthusiastic was Pete Buttigieg, who by all early polls was predicted to come out of Iowa with the most delegates.

Buttigieg stated, “So we don’t know the results. But we know. By the time it’s all said and done, you have shocked the nation.

“Because, by all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious.”

Enjoy it while you can, Mr. Buttigieg, because your support falls right off the ledge come Super Tuesday but keep stealing those delegates from Joe and Bernie for as long as you can.

The Problem

The Dems were hoping to modernize the state by using an app to report the results from the district.

Apparently, though, the party did not properly test the app, even though the feds offered to help them before the election.

They turned down the help, and now they have a disaster on their hands.

According to the Dems, it was a coding issue that has caused all the problems.

Iowa Democrat Party (IDC) Chairman Tony Price stated, “We have every indication that our systems were secure and there was not a cybersecurity intrusion. In preparation for the caucuses, our systems were tested by independent cybersecurity consultants.”

He further stated, “As this investigation unfolded, IDP staff activated pre-planned backup measures and entered data manually.

“This took longer than expected.”

This debacle already has people wondering if this is an opportunity for the party to hand Biden a win in a state where he was projected to come in third or possibly even fourth.

We do know the IDC had scheduled a phone late this morning with all campaigns and an announcement with the final results is expected to take place later this afternoon.

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