House Manager Stumped When Asked to Explain Bribery Allegations

He just looks silly…
rep crow
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Politicians are gifted in offering up answers to questions that never actually address the root of the question.


Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) tried to do just that during a recent appearance on “State of the Union,” but he fell woefully short.

Just Answer the Question

Prior to the impeachment articles being drawn up, Democrats just loved to use the phrase “bribery” when it came to Trump and Ukraine’s president.

They actually hired a focus group to find out which terms seemed more nefarious with voters.

When quid pro quo did not work, bribery was put front and center.

So, after weeks of hearing how Trump bribed the Ukraine president, shockingly, bribery was left out of the articles of impeachment.

Rep. Crow was asked about this during a recent interview, and all he could do was stumble his way around fluff without ever actually addressing the question…

About Bribery

The reason this omission is raising some eyebrows is that bribery is specifically mentioned as a reason or impeachment.

While I am no legal expert, it would see to me that if you had proof of a bribe, something you have been touting for months, they why not specifically name that crime rather than using a much broader charge of obstruction or abuse of power.

Rep. Crow stated, “You know we have to look at the entire context of what happened here.

“That’s what this is about. This is about the abuse of power, it’s about jeopardizing our national security, our troops, it’s about undermining our free and fair elections.

“You know, the broad context of the pattern of this president is what’s really important, and that’s why we proceeded with impeachment.”

Translation: Well, we didn’t really have any proof of a bribe and Ukraine’s president denies there was any pressure, so we are just going to wing it with these random charges.

We can debate back and forth whether or not people believe Trump crossed a line but most experts agree regardless, even if everything Dems are saying is true (which is not the case), Trump’s “crimes” do not warrant impeachment.

This could have easily been handled with a censure, but Dems decided to push all their chips into the middle of the table.

So, when that red wave comes rushing through the country in November and Republicans control both the House and Senate and Trump gets re-elected, Dems will only have themselves to blame.

  1. The Democrats have screwed the pooch with the impeachment scam and they know it !
    They have proved only that they are a Scab on the Ass of Humanity !
    How many LIES could a Democrat tell ?
    As many as the hairs on a dogs back or until their jaw locked up !

    Our President … Donald TRUMP is innocent … this impeachment is a Democrat SCAM !
    GO TRUMP in 2020 !

  2. When all of the smoke clears away, I think we’re going to fine that the reason the Democrats are impeaching the president because he suggested the new president of the Ukraine investigate crime and corruption in his country. The Democrats can’t allow this to happen, because most of that crime and corruption in the Ukraine has been completed with Democrats and the DNC as co-conspirators. The Democrats have to defend that Ukrainian corruption turf with all they have to make certain their complicity is never discovered. I have read dozens of articles about this corruption and when the dots are connected, the real criminals are all Democrats.

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