Liberal Stronghold Wants to Fly THESE Hate Group Flags Next to Old Glory


An Oregon school board is attempting to place the Black Lives Matter and gay pride flags alongside the United States flag. Members of the board have been working to force BLM into a prominent place in public schools; along with the flag, they hope to force students to learn the “black national anthem” as a counterpart to the Star Spangled Banner. The Gresham-Barlow School Board is still considering the extent of the changes they hope to enact.


BLM flag to replace state flag

Among the potential additions is a requirement that students receive instruction on “land acknowledgements” and recite them every week.

Between the flags and the land acknowledgements, the board aims to subject Oregon students to a barrage of propaganda intended to make them feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.

The school board is following in the footsteps of the Biden Administration and the State Department, which recently began a push to have United States embassies abroad fly the BLM flag beside the American flag.

The board initially hoped that the changes would be approved without any attention or controversy. They were poised to succeed until one member asked for a discussion on the issue.

Advocates on the board were annoyed by the possibility that the proposal might have to be sent to higher authorities for approval as a result of the debate.

By replacing the state flag with the BLM and pride flags, the district may be violating current Oregon policy, which requires that the state flag accompany the United States flag.

Debate is “just ugly”

Board members hoped to stifle any further discussion about the proposals, explaining of a debate or argument over the flags that “that’s just ugly.”

Still, some parents offered lukewarm arguments for opposing or at least delaying the leftist plans. One parent claimed that the BLM endorsement could be politically divisive for students.

Another took the opportunity to argue that the priority should be a return to in-person education, saying that students in the district “need real in-person contact” with teachers.

A parent with an actual interest in preventing their child from being indoctrinated with leftist propaganda might point out that a better idea would be to keep students as far away from Gresham-Barlow schools as possible.

Evidently no parents were willing to argue against the leftist proposals themselves. To left wing school board members the idea of endorsing BLM and forcing students to recite land acknowledgements is not political at all; these people generally argue that they are simply what any moral American should be agreeing to.

Liberal school board members are certainly as eager as parents to see students return to in-person education; the most important lesson for students who have this misfortune will come from seeing the Stars and Stripes sharing a place with the BLM flag every day.

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