Wait, McCarthy Said WHAT About Trump?

Kevin McCarthy
“Priorities for the United States in 2016: Kevin McCarthy” by World Economic Forum is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Someone else who got what they needed from Trump is backing away from the former president.

Prior to midterms, Donald Trump stated that he was backing Kevin McCarthy for Speaker if the GOP managed to take the House.

The GOP won, McCarthy took the nomination, but now he is hesitant to return the favor to Trump.


Even Trump’s most loyal supporters in the House, with a few exceptions, are treating him like Superman does kryptonite right now.

The one person I did not expect this from was McCarthy.

When McCarthy was asked about backing Trump, he brushed it off, responding, “You guys are crazy.”

He later added, “I thought he gave a great speech.”

My guess here is that McCarthy knows if he comes out and backs Trump, he will lose a significant amount of votes for being Speaker.

If he just plays coy about it, insinuating that this should be a given, he keeps both sets of Republicans happy in the House until he gets that vote.

As it stands now, about three dozen Republicans do not want McCarthy as Speaker.

If he does not win them over and get every Republican vote, we could wind up with a GOP majority and a Democrat speaker.

Source: New York Post

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