Warren Shreds Bloomberg, Warns Voters of Impending Doom

What a takedown of Bloomberg by Warren.
Elizabeth Warren
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

After the debate in Nevada, it was pretty clear that Michael Bloomberg is target number one for Democrat candidates even though Bernie was the leader heading in.


Warren, after having obliterated Bloomberg during the debate, continued her attacks against Bloomberg, even issuing a stern warning to voters considering him as their candidate.

Taking Shots at Mike

To say the debate was bad for Bloomberg would be an understatement.

Warren was jubilant afterward, having been declared the Bloomberg killer of the night.

Working off that momentum, she continued her attacks last week, warning everyone, “He is the riskiest one for the Democrats.

“He would [be the] most vulnerable in a general election.”

She even insisted that Bloomberg is “not going to be our candidate for president of the United States of America.”

Well, I have some bad news for you Liz, neither are you.

Where Was the Boost?

Warren should have gotten a boost from the debate, but that clearly did not happen.

With 60 percent of the vote in, virtually every mainstream media outlet proclaimed Sanders the winner.

Warren (10.1%) finished a distant fourth behind Sanders (46%), Biden (19.6%), and Buttigieg (15.3%).

Rather than helping her party, Warren is guilty of much the same as Bloomberg, who is actually polling higher nationally than Warren right now.

There are simply too many similar candidates in the race, spreading out the vote, virtually handing Bernie Sanders the nomination at this point.

Sanders is clearly going to walk away with the lion’s share of the delegates, if not all of them, from Nevada, really working up a big lead in the race.

This, however, is far from over, as the candidates need more than 2,300 delegates to outright win the nomination.

The question, however, is which candidate do Dems look to in order to defeat both Sanders and Trump?

I have a feeling that will be much clearer by the end of this week because any candidate not having gained delegates after South Carolina, excluding Bloomberg, has to get out of this race.

Honestly, South Carolina is going to be a big test for Biden as he has been touting this state as his new beginning all along, depending heavily on the minority vote to win the state.

If Biden fails to win or even split the delegates with Sanders, it will be tough for him to justify moving forward.

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