WATCH Amazon Driver Caught in the Act, LOOK What He Did at This Customers Home

amazon driver urinates

A Rhode Island man is shocked after he said he watched his Ring doorbell camera to find an Amazon delivery driver urinating on the groceries he had just dropped off. In the Ring video, you can see the driver dropping off cases of seltzer water that the customer had ordered from Whole Foods through Amazon Prime.

Black Amazon driver takes a piss on White customer’s groceries

The customer, who wants to remain anonymous, was alerted by his Ring doorbell camera when the delivery driver approached.

“I was watching, and he was acting strange. So I kept watching,” the customer told WLNE.

The video shows the delivery driver pacing back and forth a few times. Then, he realizes he is being captured on camera, so he crouches down out of view and presumably urinates on the groceries he just dropped off.

“I didn’t know what he did until I looked outside and saw the wet spot there on the ground,” the customer told WLNE. “Then I went back inside and re-watched the video. And I put the volume all the way up and I could hear it. At that point, I realized that he had urinated all over my food.”

amazon driver urinates

Racist driver urinates on customer’s packages

The customer immediately called Amazon customer service, which he said was largely unhelpful. But then he called a corporate Amazon number, and a representative apologized profusely and sent a cleaning crew to the customer’s house to clean their front walkway. The representative also gave the customer a $100 Amazon credit.

The customer said he is “mind-blown” about the whole situation and is thankful for his Ring camera.

“I’m extremely happy that I had the Ring doorbell because if we didn’t then we would be drinking those seltzers right now,” he said. “It’s disgusting to think about.”

The customer also contacted local police, who have been trying to locate the driver. It’s unclear whether this Black man targeted this particular customer because of his race or if it was a completely random incident. Black on White crime has always been high, but it’s been steadily rising in the past few years with the mainstream media fanning the flames of racial division amongst Americans.

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