Watch as Left Wing Reporter Gets ROASTED for Asking Dumb Question


During a Congressional Press Conference on June 16th Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was asked a leading, shamefully framed strawman question by “Journalist” Alex Nazarian from Yahoo News designed to malign and smear her. Congresswoman Greene answered it respectfully and firmly. But Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) seemingly wasn’t ready to let the sleazy Mainstream-media shill’s skullduggery slide. He took the disingenuous “question” and rammed it down the smear merchant’s throat (metaphorically speaking). He roasted Nazarian and China in one swift stroke.

The exchange looked like this:

Nazarian framed his question deliberately, “When you call it the ‘China virus’ you suggest that it’s a bioweapon. There’s no evidence of any of that and we’re also in the middle of a spate of attacks against Asian-Americans. Aren’t you just feeding that? Uh, pretty irresponsibly?”

Congresswoman Greene responded calmly and with aplomb, “Absolutely not. absolutely not and you’re not going to turn this into something else. This is a virus that killed all kinds of people it had nothing has nothing to do with anyone’s race or ethnicity. It has nothing to do with any of that so no not at all.” 

All things considered, MTG’s response was cool, measured, and an appropriate rebuke.

Steve Bannon in an unrelated appearance on Tim Pool’s TimcastIRL said

“The problem we have on the right is too many of these feckless, pencil-necked politicians will not stand up and fight”

He definitely wasn’t talking about these two Members of Congress. Rep. Mo Brooks politely asked Rep. Greene if he could interject, she stepped aside and Brooks took the podium.

Mo Brooks Roasted The Left Wing “Reporter”

“Let’s be real clear about something: I’m very disturbed that you would even ask that kind of question. Chinese-Americans are not necessarily members of the Chinese communist party. Understand that the Communist Chinese party rejects virtually every provision and what is known as our bill of rights. Recognize that the Chinese Communist Party does not believe in the kind of Republic that we believe in. And for you to associate the Communist Chinese party with Chinese Americans as you have done I would submit is egregious and wrong.

But with respect to bioweapons, Marjorie Taylor Greene asked a really good question. Now I serve on the House Armed Services Committee and on the Science Space and Technology Committee. Ask yourself: America this question:

When we talk about gain of function let’s be a little bit more specific about what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about a dangerous virus being changed so that it is much more communicable. Meaning people are much more likely to get it and or it becomes much more deadly.

Now, why would any country… why would any country do that with a virus to make it more contagious and make it more deadly if not for militarization purposes? And if you look at the Communist Chinese party’s background and its relationship with the military it leads you but to one logical conclusion.”

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