Weaponized DOJ Now Going After the Great State of Texas


The Department of Justice is suing the state of Texas over the controversial voting law enacted by the Republican led legislature in that state. Bizarrely mischaracterized as a “sweeping” and “restrictive” law, the Texas legislation is one of a number of measures adopted by various states to limit the possibility of fraud. Georgia is the other leading example and the fate of the Texas law will likely impact what happens there and elsewhere.


Texas sued for election integrity law

Described as a new Jim Crow, the laws adopted in the last year by Republican state legislatures have been the subject of hysterical media coverage.

The controversy is all contrived; Democrats and their allies in the media have repeatedly stated that the restrictions target black voters without going into much more detail.

In actuality, the party has been pushing nationwide for what would amount to unlimited early and absentee voting at any time and for any reason.

It’s only been as a result of a massive gas lighting operation that Democrats and the media have managed to make much of the country forget that the norm is voting on election day.

California Democrats have decided to deliver an mail-in ballot to every registered voter in the state for future elections, even if they’ve never asked for one.

Texas is being sued by the DOJ for minor restrictions which will emphasize the importance of election day itself and going to polling places over the novel and dubious varieties of voting adopted during the pandemic.


Unlimited votes for Democrats

By suing Texas and targeting Georgia Democrats and the media are, in their own words, attempting to ensure that every American votes.

They certainly expect that to sound like a good thing. It’s actually a terribly manipulative and unethical platform. Even aside from the threat of direct voter fraud, their crusades against state legislatures are meant to find more votes and nothing more.

No Republican legislature has proposed anything remotely unreasonable or “restrictive” in their new voting laws. If anything the legislation being adopted isn’t restrictive enough.

Democrats want to ensure that someone who has never heard of any of the candidates running in a given election, does not know anything about the policies they propose, and has put no thought into forming any political opinions, will be given limitless opportunities to vote.

Anyone who has a serious reason to need an absentee ballot or access to early voting can still easily request it in Texas and other Republican states.

The DOJ is suing solely so that Texas Democrats can continue to round up idiots and semi-literates before every election and convince them to let their helpful neighborhood Democrats fill out their ballots.

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