WH Fuming Over This GOP Shutdown!

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Congressional Republicans are pushing back against another Joe Biden nominee.

This time is it FAA nominee Phil Washington.

Biden seems to have a thing for nominating transportation officials with no experience in transportation.

Not Qualified

Washington is the current CEO of the Denver International Airport.

So, on the surface, he would seem to be a good choice.

In reality, however, he is more like a mall manager, running shops and restaurants.

A group of aviators in Congress have banded together to push back against Washington running the Federal Aviation Administration because he has no experience in the cockpit.

The joint statement read, “While Mr. Washington honorably served our nation in the Army, he did not serve in an aviation unit.

“He is not a pilot, has zero aviation safety experience, and is entirely unqualified to lead the federal agency responsible for keeping the flying public safe.

“The FAA cannot afford to be led by someone who needs on-the-job training, especially at a time when our aviation system is facing tremendous safety challenges such as multiple near-misses by airlines and the first nationwide ground stop of aircraft since 9/11.”

They concluded, “His aviation experience is limited to working at the Denver airport for less than two years.

“In that role, Mr. Washington is primarily responsible for non-aviation matters, such as the airport’s shops, restaurants, parking, and buildings.”

So, Biden has nominated a mall manager to run our aviation industry and a small town mayor to run our department of transportation.

And we wonder why trains are derailing and planes are colliding on runways.

Source: Fox News

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