While Liberal politicians are eating their own, These Police Chiefs Made an EPIC Move in Support of Trump

Commonsense finally rules the day.
Governor Cuomo
Photo Courtesy of MTA via Creative Commons License

Earlier this week, the Trump administration banned New Yorkers from participating in the Global Entry and Trust Traveler Programs (TTP) due to New York’s new “Green Light Law.”

While New York politicians are losing their minds, their police chiefs have collectively thanked the administration for banning New Yorkers from these programs.

The Programs

For those of you unfamiliar with these programs, they are both upgraded convenience travel programs.

For domestic travel, you can use the TTP pass and for international travelers, there is an upgraded Global Entry program. This new ban will NOT impact TSA Pre-Check.

The new Green Light Law (GLL) now allows illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license.

Since New York is a sanctuary state, the program also prevents the sharing of this data with federal law enforcement to prevent these illegals from being rounded up by ICE and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP).

Why They Were Denied

When it was announced that the Trump administration, specifically, Department of Homeland Security Acting Director Chad Wolf, was banning New York, Governor Cuomo went ballistic.

His administration and his fellow Democrats stated this was nothing more than a political attack on the state of New York and their precious illegal immigrants.

Secretary Wolf, however, stated that was not actually the case.

The concern by the administration was not that New York is turning itself into a haven for illegals and making it easier for them to exist but rather the fact the state would no longer be sharing its information with federal authorities.

Wolf stated, “This has nothing to do with the law that they passed regarding providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

“Again, that’s wrong, that’s dangerous, and that’s irresponsible, but that’s separate from what we did this week.”

He further stated, “Because New York took this action, the department had to respond and take appropriate action to make sure that the rest of the individuals in these programs continue to be able to use the program.

“Without access, we cannot run a proper security check and a risk assessment, and that is simply dangerous.”

As a group, the New York State Association of Chief of Police agreed, sending Wolf a letter, stating, “Our members fully recognize that sharing pertinent law enforcement information and vital resources across local, state and federal boundaries is critical to ensuring the safety of the communities we serve.

“It is our hope that reasonableness will prevail by all involved and that an appropriate resolution can be attained.

“What’s ultimately required is an operational and administrative process that prioritizes public safety for all New Yorkers and serves as its fundamental cornerstone.”

Now that the entire state is being inconvenienced so Cuomo can make a political statement, perhaps New Yorkers will finally wake up and realize that this governor and the Democrat party as a whole do NOT have their best interests at heart and vote them all out of office.

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