White House Claims Pandemic is ‘Root Cause’ of Lawlessness

White House

The White House claims that the “root cause” of the lawlessness and crime spreading throughout the nation’s cities is actually the pandemic, not the policies and rhetoric which Democrats have been pushing in direct relation to crime and criminals. It’s actually Covid that’s driving those gangs of diamond thieves in San Francisco and forcing murderers to shoot people in broad daylight on the streets of Philadelphia.

White House blames Covid for crime

That, at least, is the cause of it all according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who was asked to explain the Biden administration’s position on the national crime wave.

Blaming the pandemic is the latest variation of the eternal claim that crime is always the result of mere socioeconomic conditions, a claim which has never had much validity.

It should seem far more likely that the trend of rising crime in the United States is due to the increasingly radical dismantling of law and order in America.

The pandemic happened to coincide with a wave of mass looting and violence which neither party lifted a finger to stop and which most Democrats wholeheartedly endorsed.

We are supposed to forget about the 2020 riots like the media has, unless the memory can be used as an opportunity to find another opportunity to blame white people for something.

Perhaps the oblivious completely liberal who has already forgotten the sight of Washington D.C. and Minneapolis burning might actually believe the White House when it claims that crime is up because of the pandemic.

Nothing to do with their policies

None of the organized shoplifting gangs which have cropped up in San Francisco or Chicago emerged because of an economic desperation spawned by the pandemic.

The White House was asked specifically about these incidents so we know that this is what Psaki had in mind when she deflected to Covid.

These mobs of looters are appearing in cities which have intentionally restricted the ability of police to crack down on crime as a favor to BLM and in response to the riots.

These are people who feel that they have a right to loot and burn when they get upset or find themselves a little short on cash.

Why wouldn’t they think they have that right? The media and their elected leaders have repeatedly told them that they deserve to be given reparations and equity.

Clearing out local stores or shooting random pedestrians is really just an unfortunate side effect of the pandemic if we believe the White House though. Nothing to do with their policies of course.

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