Whoa…Biden Business Partner is Off to Prison


The only way that Hunter Biden’s buddy Devon Archer will avoid going to prison is if Joe Biden miraculously steals the election and pardons him. A really friendly judge with deep Democrat connections let him walk free but that didn’t last long.

Overruled Deep State decision means prison

A three judge panel on a federal appeals court took a look at a decision made by district court Judge Ronnie Abrams and all three of them wondered what she was smoking when she wrote it. Devon Archer should be in prison and soon he will be. Their unanimous verdict was that Abrams made a legal “mistake” by “prioritizing her own theory above that of the jury’s.” She basically took the proof produced in the trial and threw it out the window. As the higher court ruled, Abrams’ politically biased decision “undercut the significance of the proof in its totality.” How blatant can you be?

Devon Archer and his crew were indicted in 2018 of defrauding Native Americans out of $60 million in a bond scheme where they dropped Hunter Biden’s name at every chance, even though he officially had nothing to do with it. On June 28, 2018, after carefully considering all of the evidence, after a month long trial, the jury found Archer and two partners guilty and sent them off to prison for a few years.

The conspiracy to keep a close Hunter Biden associate out of a nasty old prison, after being convicted of stomach-turning fraud, came to light when people started to realize that the Judge who reversed Devon Archer’s conviction was the wife of a special counsel lawyer who worked on Robert Mueller’s grand inquisition. The Deep state connections go even deeper than that. Not only did Archer formerly work for John Kerry, he’s a business partner of Chris Heinz and Hunter Biden at Rosemont Seneca. Heinz is the son-in-law of John Kerry. It’s funny how many of them went to Yale.

Judge a classmate of Hunter Biden

Judge Ronnie Abrams was more than happy to set aside the jury’s verdict to send her school chum to prison, if only as a favor to another of her Yale Law School classmates, Hunter Biden. She was a solid team player. Not only was her husband, Greg Andres part of the Obamagate conspiracy, he served as a Deputy Assistant AG in Barack Obama’s Department of Injustice. While Hunter and Ronnie were back at their old school, Devon Archer was there at Yale too, sleeping in the same dorm room as Chris Heinz.

Archer, Biden, and Heinz went into business by starting an investment firm which they called Rosemont Capital. That entity is the parent company of Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC., where all the Burisma payments were funneled. During the trial which sent Archer to prison, the public learned that “large sums of Chinese and Ukrainian money was flowing into accounts owned by Archer and Hunter Biden.” One particular account was “a Morgan Stanley account for Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC.”

That special branch of Rosemont was the one “which Ukrainian gas giant Burisma wired $166,666.66 in two identical payments in 2014 and 2015,” according to reports. On his way to prison, Archer had to turn over his bank statements. They revealed that the “state-owned Bank of China directly funneled more than $100,000 into the same account as Burisma beginning in December 2014.

One of the most interesting wire transfers that the jury sent Archer to prison for was made by Novatus Holding Pte. Ltd. who “wired $142,300 to the Rosemont account on April 22, 2014.” What makes that transaction so special is that Novatus “is controlled by a Kazakh businessman named Kenges Rakishev who has close ties to the leaders of Kazakhstan. Bill Clinton has some close ties to Kazakhstan too. That’s where the Uranium One conspiracy started. Even Anthony Fauci is tied into that one.

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