Woman Caught Posing as 14-Year-Old to Hook Up With Middle School Boys


Alyssa Ann Zinger has a thing for middle school aged boys. This cougar was so predatory she posed as a homeschooled 14-year-old. She got away with it for quite a while, even though she’s 22. Her big mistake was trying to convince a cop.

School at home

The reason why none of the boys saw her around the halls at school was because she was homeschooled, she explained. If they wanted to come home with her for a study session, she’d be happy to help them study biology.

Zinger was “arrested last week for allegedly engaging in at least 30 sexual acts with at least one student and sending explicit videos to several more.

She blew Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw’s mind. “It is disturbing and unsettling to see an adult take advantage of a child and prey on them.” They didn’t have girls like that hanging around his school back in the day.

Anyone who may have been a victim of Zinger’s, we encourage you to come forward. The Tampa Police Department will support you and ensure a predator like Zinger doesn’t cause you or others additional harm.

Whatever she’s been doing is definitely illegal but whether her 12 to 15-year-old victims consider what she did “harm” or not is a different story. She apparently helped other middle school students cope with the angst of adolescence.

There are believed to be additional victims,” Tampa police note. They found out about one of them when they both got busted for retail theft.

Shoplifting at a Nordstrom

The accused predator allegedly initiated a sexual relationship with one of the victims in May, which lasted through September.” After school hours, they hung out together doing normal kid things when not in the sack, like shoplifting.

The victim — a boy between the ages of 12 and 15 — told police that the pair had sex multiple times and that Zinger sent him explicit photos and videos.

Another known school age victim “said Zinger sent a video to several children through Snapchat depicting sexual intercourse.” She allegedly told one of the kids that “she had engaged in sexual activities with other minors.

Then, it all ended suddenly. “The accused pervert and one of the children were caught shoplifting at a Nordstrom in July.

Since she was being interrogated in front of the boy, she “tried to keep up her facade,” listing her birthdate as 2009. He soon found her name in the database but it said she was born in 2001.

After rounding up all her other records, including ones from her real school, they had more than enough to throw the book at her. Zinger “was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery, and five counts of lewd or lascivious molestation on a victim between the ages of 12 and 15 years old.” The judge let her out on $7,500 bond.

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