What Led to The Outrageous Protest at This Small-Town Elementary School?


Conservative parents in Los Angeles, California nearly started a riot over a planned “Pride” assembly. Protesters outside the Saticoy Elementary School had to be separated from counter-protesters by police. Parent’s aren’t real happy with the way their offspring are being groomed and brainwashed into an inability to breed future generations. The liberal plan to save the planet apparently involves killing off all the humans.

Parents riot over ‘Pride’ plans

On Friday, June 2, Los Angeles Police Department officers proved they still exist as they “separated groups of protesters and counter-protesters” outside the liberal indoctrination center for neighborhood grade-schoolers.

Washington Post observes that psychological birth control training “has become a flashpoint,” with Pride month events rolling out across America.

These particularly enraged parents were demonstrating against “a planned Pride assembly.” They took their pitchforks and torches to the streets surrounding Los Angeles Unified School District’s Saticoy Elementary School, wearing shirts with such insurrectionist slogans as “Leave our kids alone.” They brought along plenty of signs declaring “Parental Choice Matters” and “No Pride in Grooming.

Tensions have been reportedly edging up since a social media page was created last month, urging “parents to keep their children home Friday, the day of the planned assembly.” The idea is to boycott the brainwashing.

All across America, an entire month of propaganda is intentional. The media and all government programs will be saturating everyone’s consciousness with a campaign aimed at stamping out heterosexuality as deviant behavior. The best way to reduce the world population is to keep humans from reproducing. You can have all the sex you want with what ever you want, be it animal, vegetable or mineral, as long as boys don’t have sex with girls.

It’s okay for trans-girls to have sex with trans-boys because trans-boys don’t get pregnant and trans-girls only think they do. You should have pride in whatever choice you make, as long as it isn’t “straight.” Heterosexuality is a perversion which will soon be declared a crime.

Backlash is spreading

Budweiser learned real fast that beer drinkers aren’t as progressive as the brewer believed. Target is learning a similar lesson. Even Walmart is catching some of the blow-back from what hit the fan. As Pride Month “celebrations” are being shoved in our faces, conservatives are shoving back. There’s “rising backlash in some places against LGBTQ+ rights.

For instance, “community parade organizers, school districts and even professional sports terms have faced protests for flying rainbow flags and honoring drag performers.” The Navy just canceled an on base “family-friendly” drag show.

Some conservative run states “are limiting classroom conversations about gender and sexuality.” More importantly, they’re “banning gender-affirming care.” That’s a code phrase for chemical castration of boys and hormone therapy for girls to make them sterile. It comes with mandatory though control training. Parent’s have been kept out of the loop until they caught wind of it and started making a huge stink.

The school can’t pass out an Advil without parental approval and three government forms to report the incident, yet they can get the kids hooked on gender bending hormones and pass out chest suppressors without even informing the parents what they’ve been up to. They want us to feel “pride” about genocide as they’re killing the human race. All they have to do to put the plot in effect is make it trendy.

Board Member Kelly Gonez assured all the progressives in the district that the pride assembly “went on without issue,” despite the riot outside. They had a group reading of “‘The Great Big Book of Families,’ which includes details about different family structures including single parents, LGBTQ+ parents, grandparents and foster parents.” That’s interesting because those sorts of “families” don’t produce babies on their own.

Your “family,” the pride lessons explain, has nothing to do with having children. You can pick and choose anyone you want in your family and love them with all your heart. As long as they’re already alive. If, by some horrible accident, a fertile biological female does happen to get invaded by a wayward sperm, the only answer is an immediate abortion. We won’t need farms and won’t produce carbon dioxide because the human race will be gone. Maybe the cockroaches will do a better job with the planet when they take over.

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