Activist Judge Continues to Abuse the System Against Flynn…Then Appeals Court Smacks Him Down Hard


Activist Judge Emmet Sullivan leans so far left he’s about to fall over. He got slapped down hard by a federal court of appeals for refusing to dismiss the botched set-up of Michael Flynn. That won’t stop him from continuing his judicial abuse. Instead of letting it go, he’s demanding a “review” of the decision.


Activist judge overstepped the law

A federal court of appeals ordered Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss the case against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday, whether the liberal activist wants to or not. He still won’t do it. Sullivan, the higher court declared, “overstepped his authority,” because he “didn’t have enough reason to question the DOJ’s prosecution decisions in this case.” He wanted to make the law up as he went to suit his own progressive ideals. This is the Deep State government within a government at work.

After documents which the Department of Injustice were hiding from Flynn’s defense team finally saw the light of day, the public and the court learned that Flynn was set up. Federal Bureau of Instigation agents planned to intentionally trick him into lying to them, and they did. Their notes show how they did it. Flynn never said a single improper thing to the Russian ambassador and what he did say was absolutely correct.

After they got busted, the DOJ moved to drop the criminal case but Judge Sullivan says not so fast. He wants to see Flynn go to jail whether he did anything wrong or not. Sullivan decided to delay his decision until “at least July.” Flynn’s lawyers went screaming to the appeals court for relief.

Flynn’s off the hook, for now

As long as no other court decides to get behind Sullivan’s hail Mary activist attempt at resurrecting a dead horse, Wednesday’s ruling totally exonerates the retired general. This means there’s no longer need for a presidential pardon, which was in the works in case the Deep State managed to prevail in the end.

Once again, this proves that there was a deliberate plot to frame President Donald Trump for Russian collusion that was entirely made up by Barack Obama’s minions. Robert Mueller’s grand inquisition was indeed nothing but a witch hunt.

While announcing the victory on Wednesday, Flynn’s attorney also produced a handwritten note “that highlighted then-Vice President Joe Biden’s comments on Flynn in early January 2017, seeking to again delegitimize the Obama administration’s discussions of the investigation,” CNN writes.

President Trump was thrilled when he heard how hard the activist judge was slapped down, declaring in a meeting with Polish officials that “his former national security adviser had been ‘exonerated’ and adding, ‘I want to congratulate him.'”

  1. The Trump Attorney general is the most outrageous law person on this planet He lies just like trump and makes laws to protect all of Trumps so called friends.Who will stop this outrageous behavior?

    1. Your tirade is like pissing into the wind. You can lie all you want but you can’t make a truth out of a lie, no matter how hard you try. The people know the truth. Foreign interests, greed of banks, politicians with China in their portfolio cannot reckon with a President who loves his country and will NOT sell out to America’s enemies.

    2. STFU you lying lefty scumbag. Obola’s AG’s are / were total lyimg, thieving scumbags. All 3 of these scumbags should have heads mounted on the end of pikes.

  2. This country is in big trouble with the white House making up the law as they see it .The attorney General is a disgrace as a law person he lies and does anything this President asks for.they both are bad for the American people.This next election is vital to rid this country of the corrupt people in this White House.

    1. This election is vital to rid our beloved country of the corrupted in politics, business and all levels of our society. THE LAW is the boss here. And hell will freeze over before the sons and daughters of America give away this nation to the weak-minded, the greedy, and the treasonous.

  3. Whoever Henry is … he’s a nutcase! He doesn’t even realize who’s trying to makeup laws as they go!!! It’s the sleezy Democrats that are dishonest lying pieces of s..t!! How can have activist judges ruling is unfair to ensuring law is being properly administered.

  4. Where in the notes of the FBI did you read that? The FBI did wrong, not General Flynn. You need to make sure your reading from the same book as everyone else. The prior administration is the ones who tried to destroy the incoming administration. You’re just angry that President Trump and Barr are finding and destroying the corruption in our government.

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