Jim Jordan Makes Astonishing Admission, Ushers Bold Move Against Deep State

Jim Jordan
Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan astonishingly admitted what’s on republican minds, in a letter to every single one of his House colleagues. “The President is right.” We need to freeze FISA until we can “determine how and why the greatest political, criminal, and subversive scandal” in American history was allowed to happen. Now that the controversial power tools are floating in limbo it’s a great time to “take stock of what we have learned to date.” The Deep State is terrified by what Jordan calls “five major revelations.”

The five revelations of Jim Jordan

Now that the sacred seals are off of five major Deep State “revelations,” Jim Jordan declares like a republican avenging angel, things are about to get apocalyptic for globalist progressives and the children of darkness. Jordan says the Deep State forces of evil came riding in on five horses. Death rode in aboard massive spying on Americans, FISA spying on a Trump campaign aide, undocumented and unverified court documents, rampant unmasking and leaking of a Trump campaign aide, and worst of all, the “Obama-Biden misleading narrative about Russian collusion.” The best way to stop them is a freeze on FISA.

Adam Schiff and Jerold Nadler made certain that no real oversight reforms would be in the renewal package for the authorization of three powerful tools that give the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court the ability to permit spying on American and foreign citizens. They expired in March and have been in limbo ever since. There was a pending extension but it fizzled when President Donald Trump threatened to veto it until we can figure out what went wrong in Obamagate.

“Many of us were encouraged when President Trump declared his principled opposition to proceeding with reauthorizing provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,” Jim Jordan’s letter begins. “The President is right.” It was “the greatest political, criminal, and subversive scandal in USA history.”

Let John Durham finish his probe

Jim Jordan argued that FISA has to be kept safely on ice, until John Durham can announce his findings. “We need to allow the ongoing federal investigations to be completed so that Americans can fully understand how and why the Obama-Biden Administration weaponized our national security apparatus and the FISA process to target its political adversaries.”

U.S. Attorney John Durham was hand picked by Attorney General William Barr “to investigate the origins of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation and the actions taken by law enforcement and intelligence officials during the Trump-Russia inquiry,” Washington Examiner writes.

Separately, U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen of Missouri is digging into the setup and entrapment of General Michael Flynn. Yet a third investigation is ongoing by U.S. Attorney John Bash of Texas. Barr has him figuring out who did what to whom and why with all the “unmasking” requests “by Obama administration officials.” It isn’t clear if he’s also looking into the leaks of confidential information to the press that came out of the unmasking.

As long as the authority is suspended, the FBI lost their “roving wiretap” powers. That allowed them to “continue tracking a suspect even if they keep switching burner phones.” Under the “lone wolf” amendment, the FBI can spy on any American that they don’t like. They don’t have to have any connections outside the country to foreign groups. Under the “business records” provision the FBI can “follow the money.”

Jim Jordan gave his fellow republicans something to think about when he stated, “the FBI ran 3.1 million queries against FISA-acquired data in 2017, yet failed to keep records of which queries involved U.S. persons.” Why not?

    1. Rest assured, Justice is coming, but those still asleep need to be woken up. Sometimes telling people what is wrong is not enough, you must SHOW them! This is what is happening now, the awakening of the American people to the true evil that has been in power since 1913 and the results of allowing them to continue! The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they CRUSH completely. If not, take comfort that they ALL WILL look great in Gitmo Orange!
      Have faith and always remember; GOD WINS!

        We must NEVER give in nor GIVE UP!
        Dont be be INTIMIDATED EVER! AAMERICA is under ASSAULT and we mut FIGHT back for her! And Pres. Trump can not do it alone. So, PEOPLE! WAKE UP!

  1. First let’s begin referring to this for what it is and that is TREASON! Punishable by death and that’s where we need to begin. Time to convict and sentence your first major player in this conspiracy. Then proceed with their being hung in public for all to witness. Take one from the obama administration, one from the FBI, one from the DOJ and HANG THEM BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD! Follow the money, it shouldn’t be very hard and it will lead STRAIGHT to george soros and the clinton foundation! The next for the GALLOWS!

  2. ONLYJB! – I second the motion! Let’s have leftist traitors hanging from every light post in WDC.

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