Amazon Joins in On Liberal Media Agenda


Online superpower store Amazon joins eBay in banning merchandise that has anything to do with the group Proud Boys.

Proud Boys Falsely Smeared

The Proud Boys have been falsely painted as a white supremacy group despite many members being non-white and standing against violence from domestic terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matters and Antifa.

Despite former Vice President Joe Biden being close friends with a former KKK grand wizard Robert Byrd, it is Trump that is called on time and time again to renounce white supremacy – which he has several times.

When Democrat moderator Chris Wallace asked if President Trump would come out and condemn the Proud Boys, he instead said the group should  “stand back and stand by.”

Trump Clarifies Statement

Trump later went on to explain that he was not very familiar with the Proud Boys and their actions, but ultimately they should not interfere with law enforcement doing their jobs.

“I don’t know who Proud Boys are. But whoever they are they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House on Wednesday for a campaign stop in Minnesota.

Among BLM and Antifa members backlash, Amazon removed merchandise featuring the Proud Boys mantra of “stand back and stand by.”

“All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. These products have been removed,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News.

“Amazon does not allow products that promote, incite or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views,” the site reads, in part.

eBay also got in on the action and a spokesperson said, “In line with this policy, we are removing items on our marketplace that explicitly reference Proud Boys in image or title.” 

Stand for Truth Despite Amazon’s Censorship

Despite President Trump having no ties to racism whatsoever, but Biden having many, it is Trump that is constantly bombarded with demands that he denounce white supremacy over and over again.

  1. Does amazon sell black lives matter merchandice? Do they sell CAIR And islamic merchandise?
    Real hate groups are acceptable to the the left because they are tiny minded; reprobate, and hypocritical in every aspect of their character…shop elsewhere.

  2. That’s it in a nutshell Fred! To the ignorant: Proud boys leader is a black man. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it you Marxist lefties

  3. You democrap A-Holes have NO business getting involved in politics. Stick with your stupid business
    venture. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from you…
    Semper Fi

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