Police Executed Arsonist Caught in the Act


In Raleigh, North Carolina, one of those Antifa® type anarchists started throwing Molotov Cocktails around. At police cars. When he decided to throw one at a cop, other cops ended the threat. Permanently.

Police execute anarchist

The ultimate way to thumb your nose at the law is to set a police officer on fire. Luckily, the attempt failed and one unidentified arsonist won’t be exercising his right to peacefully protest in the future.

Also, taxpayers were saved the expenses of a trial, along with a hefty investment in feeding and housing him for several years.

The official story is that the man was “allegedly” using ” incendiary devices to set police cars on fire at a North Carolina police station.” That’s one way to get attention. He was killed, Raleigh Police Chief Estella D. Patterson notes, “after he also threatened an officer with one of the devices.

They’re pretty sure “the individual was using incendiary weapons that we believe to be Molotov cocktails,” she noted Saturday night, May 7.

Two police vehicles were “engulfed in flames.” That wasn’t nice, each unit is custom built and costs a bundle. Once the suspect assaulted an officer, there was no stopping the juggernaut of instant justice.

One of the devices was thrown at an officer, and at that point, four officers opened fire.” It looked like a scene from The Gauntlet.


Hit multiple times

There wasn’t much chance that the anarchist would be ignoring any other laws after he was riddled with lead by police.

The suspect, who was hit multiple times, was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead,” Patterson confirms. The suspect’s name was not immediately released.

Of course, the cops are now off the street pending investigation. They can’t shoot anybody these days without it turning into miles of red tape and procedures.

In keeping with Raleigh police policy on officer-involved shootings, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation will conduct an independent investigation.

The police officers will have a whole lot of evidence on their side when the investigation gets going full swing.

According to Chief Patterson, “the incident was captured on multiple surveillance and body-worn cameras, which are being reviewed by investigators.” Hopefully, other anarchist in the vicinity will get the idea that torching cop cars is not a good way to get cops to come out and play.

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