Violence and Chaos ERUPT, Descend Upon Virginia Leaving Total Destruction in the Path of Riots

The streets of Richmond, Virginia, erupted into violent chaos which the police were powerless to stop. The raging mob of Antifa inspired anarchists left a path of destruction and arson in the wake of their peaceful riot.


The mob descended into chaos

During the daylight, the “demonstrations” are usually peaceful. The children of darkness wait for the sun to go down before they go out and play, dressed in battle gear with improvised weapons. Saturday’s riot in Richmond, Virginia, was no different. The mob of anarchists “descended into chaos when the demonstrators made their way to the police station and began rioting” as twilight deepened.

Richmond’s Mayor Levar Stoney is a Democrat, but until now the city has been spared the looting and violence which plague other Democrat controlled cities. “Last night, Richmond’s long-held streak of peaceful protest ended,” Police Chief Gerald M. Smith reports. They were expecting chaos and they got it. Police officials “had a feel” that “something was amiss for about a week before that.” His first clue was that someone put up flyers advertising the event.

According to Chief Smith, “different versions of a particular flyer were going around the city of Richmond.” He doesn’t think they originated there. Police think the organized chaos “originated outside the City of Richmond.” You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon to get the drift. “Anyone who saw that flyer or read that flyer could clearly feel its tone.” That tone was meant to instill “intimidation and fear to the community.”

Events quickly devolved

Besides the general tone of the propaganda, it urged Black Lives Matter inspired anarchists to attend the riot scheduled for Monroe Park “anywhere between 8:30 and 9 o’clock.” Police were shocked when “several hundred individuals did.” Chief Smith was fine with the event as long as the “demonstrators walked peacefully throughout the streets of Richmond.” Once they got to the police station, he didn’t like the look of chaos in the crowd’s eyes. “Events,” the chief admits, “quickly devolved into a riot.”

Richmond’s top cop simply can’t get his head around how “these individuals, once they got to the police department, became very aggressive verbally towards the officers who were there.” The officers weren’t allowed to do much about it, so, the chaos “quickly escalated to throwing of bricks, batteries, rocks at officers.” They couldn’t do their job and bust heads, so “had to protect themselves with shields.” The chief praised the great job they did. “I will give them great praise for their patience in that arena.” Too bad that he wouldn’t let them fight back.

Even after they ordered the crowd to disburse, the anarchists ignored them and the chaos raged on. “The officers continued to take the rocks, the bricks, and the batteries being thrown at them for quite some time.” That’s when Chief Smith gave up and surrendered.

An entirely different situation

“It was beyond the point that we could have taken action.” The police were forced to stand by and helplessly watch the violence and chaos, while, as Chief Smith explains, “I’m just going to be blunt, these rioters in the crowd, the rioters [inaudible] this crowd set a dump truck on fire there at police headquarters, which became an entirely different situation.”

About then, the “fire department responded to the arson fires.” As soon as they arrived, “they were subjected to the same attacks as the police officers.” The problem there was that “fire officials did not have the shields and training that the police did for how to respond to violent riots.” There was more than one fire set in the middle of all the chaos but the first one was the most dangerous.. “If that fire [in the dump truck] was not put out, we may have had a mass casualty incident if those tanks had exploded,” Smith admits. Eventually police managed to chase away the rioters, who “continued by setting several fires in dumpsters.”

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