Anarchy Rages on in Portland: Police Overwhelmed, Headquarters Set Ablaze


The anarchy is raging on in Oregon. Antifa splinter group Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front overwhelmed the Portland police and set fire to their union headquarters Saturday night. The city’s downtown area was blazing before Portland police would admit that the “demonstration” was really a riot. The violence marks “the 52nd night” of lawlessness in the liberal city.


Portland police left to face the anarchy

On Friday night, undercover federal officers with an elite Customs and Border Protection unit performed targeted sweeps of the city and also “moved in to assist Portland’s law enforcement officers in protecting a federal courthouse,” which has been “one of the rioters’ top targets these past several months.” The liberal mayor and Governor freaked out about the raids which have been going on for about a week, and said they were definitely not welcome. They prefer anarchy there. By Saturday night the federal agents were gone, and the Portland police had to face the mob alone.

Peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters enjoy anarchy. They “broke into a building, set it on fire and started dumpster fires late Saturday night.” Then there was the “fire at the Portland Police Association building.” It was “put out a short time later.” That’s when the Portland police department finally “declared the gathering a riot, and began working to clear the downtown area.”

Portland wants anarchy and they have it. The PNW Youth Liberation Front is known to be an “organized group” active in North Portland. They’ve been peacefully “leading demonstrations over the course of the past two months.” On Saturday, they “hosted a protest to demand the abolition of the Portland Police Bureau and decry violence against people of color.” The peaceful rioters armed themselves for a night of burning and looting and gathered at nearby Peninsula Park. From there, Antifa troops marched south on Interstate Avenue, “stretching out for about five blocks.”

Tipping dumpsters to form a barricade

Once they reached the Portland police union headquarters, the forces of anarchy “began tipping dumpsters to form a barricade for themselves as they attacked the building.” Police just watched helplessly as two of the dumpsters went up in flames, while “protesters who (peacefully) breached the building eventually set two small fires inside.”

By 10:45 p.m., Portland police were forced to admit they had a riot on their hands. By “11:15 p.m., police began pressing protesters to the east.” Most cooperated but police actually managed to arrest a few. It didn’t take long for videos of the anarchy to make it to social media accounts.

The Portland police could have had some professional help dealing with the organized anarchy but city officials were joined by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to toss the feds out. Pelosi slammed the federal efforts “to assist in handling the riots, repeating claims, first raised by demonstrators, that federal agents, without badges or insignia, were ‘disappearing’ protesters, whisking them away in unmarked vehicles to undisclosed locations. CBP pushed back, saying, “federal agents had been deployed to assist in defending the federal courthouse in Portland, but that CBP officer uniforms did bear the insignia of the Department of Homeland Security. One protester was, indeed, taken to a second location, but, CBP says, not to hide the detainment, but rather to avoid a ‘large’ mob that was advancing on officers.”

  1. Wonder what it will take for the liberal Mayor to wake up and remove the handcuffs from the Police. Maybe when they burn down the entire City? The Police are perfectly capable of handling the mob, except for the restrictions placed on them by politicians. My condolences to the men and women of the Portland Police Department.

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