Portland’s Radical Liberal Leaders are Charging The Federal Govt. Ridiculous Fines for Protecting Federal Courthouse


Just when you thought things in radically progressive Portland couldn’t get any weirder, they suddenly did. Anarchist officials decided to charge the federal government a ridiculous $500 every 15 minutes in fines for daring to protect the federal courthouse from rioters. They think it will teach President Donald Trump a lesson in social justice.


Ridiculous fines from insane officials

Yes, America, the so called administrators in Portland, Oregon, have totally lost their minds. City commissioner Chloe Eudaly proudly announced the city thinks the federal government will pay “a stunning $500 for every $15 minutes” in fines, simply “for having erected a fence to protect the federal courthouse from rioters.”

She couldn’t wait to tap it out on Twitter. “On Thursday, I directed @PBOTinfo (Portland Bureau of Transportation) to enforce on the federal occupiers for erecting a fence in our public right of way.” Suddenly, a fence surrounding the perimeter of the federal courthouse is in the way. Graffiti vandals and arsonists are so frustrated they need extra medical marijuana and safe-space therapy. The fines are expected to defray the cost of counseling.

PBOT allegedly “filed a cease and desist demand on behalf of the City.” So far, there’s no word back. The administration is still arguing over the appropriately diplomatic phrasing which means “take your fines and stick them where liberals most enjoy large ridiculous objects being stuck the most.” They aren’t satisfied with that either. they are “investigating other legal remedies.”

Safety not on their agenda

While city officials are investigating remedies to a protective fence, Portland’s citizens are demanding a return of law and order. Safety is not something on the legislative agenda. The first thing on Portland’s to-do list is disarm and disband the police. Having federal agents lurking behind fences in the middle of all the riots makes them a little nervous. Nervous enough to issue ridiculous fines.

Even they admit the neighborhood is too dangerous for anyone but Black Lives Matter approved rioters. They would have had their workers cart the fence off but it wasn’t safe, so they issued fines instead. The fence was only put there because “rioters continuously attempted to vandalize the federal building including setting fires and throwing explosives.”

One of the worst incidents occurred Saturday, when Antifa-affiliated anarchists permanently blinded three federal officers with green lasers. President Donald Trump will respond appropriately to the fines, you may rest assured.

  1. The federal government should tell this bitch, they’d think about paying a fine of $0.01 when she personally pays every cent it takes to restore the damage done by these terrorists.

  2. These morons are not only at a 20 IQ point level but they are equally insane. They can never hope to recoup those silly fines!

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