The Horrifying Details of the Woman Who Helped Killer Dismember and Mutilate Female Soldier’s Body


Vanessa Guillen’s body was brutally mutilated and dismembered after the Fort Hood Soldier was killed by a fellow serviceman at the Army base. Police reports provide the horrifying details while a former friend helps fill in the gruesome gaps. Cecily Aguilar was able to stay so casually calm while she “tampered” with bloody pieces of the evidence because “she was easily manipulated.”

A body to dispose of

There are only so many women who would help the man they were having an affair with to dismember another woman’s body and hide the remains in scattered, shallow graves. Army Specialist Aaron Robinson knew just who to call, after he beat Vanessa Guillen to death with a hammer, then stuffed her corpse in a box. He called 22-year-old Cecily Aguilar. “A search of his mobile phone logs revealed he had called her several times on the night of April 22 and into the following morning.”

Aguilar was even nice enough to provide him with an alibi. She had no idea how persistent the police can be with their questioning until she found herself spilling her guts and telling everything she knew. “Aguilar admitted Robinson had picked her up on April 23 at the gas station where she worked.” They made their way to “a bridge near Leon River, in Bell County, 25 miles east of Fort Hood.” As the police reports note, “he walked her into the woods before opening an abandoned plastic box on wheels” where he’d stashed Guillen’s body. Somewhere along the line, Guillen’s teeth were smashed so badly that authorities weren’t able to identify her from dental records.

A former friend of Cecily Aguilar, described by The Sun as “disgusted,” explains that Cecily would “do anything to please men.” In the days following the gory corpse dismemberment, Aguilar posted revealing photos of her own carcass on instagram, with eerily creepy captions. “Any girl can play innocent but her demons are what drove me wild,” she cryptically teased. Another post of dozens “of revealing selfies showing off her tattooed body on Instagram” advertises, “I’ll be the villain in your story.” One reader commented after her role in cutting up a cadaver surfaced, “That didn’t age well.” Another simply posted, “I hope you rot in jail.”

A possible motive

The motive for Vanessa Guillen’s murder hasn’t been officially determined but Aguilar’s friend seems to have some inside information. “Guillen allegedly saw photos on Robinson’s phone and confronted him “about having an affair with someone married to a former soldier.” Apparently, Guillen knew the husband of the woman who would later help butcher her body. The Michigan-based ex-pal “drifted from Aguilar when she met her husband.” The Sun reports, “it is not known if she was still with her husband before getting together with Robinson.”

“Cecily had a very bad childhood. It’s not an excuse whatsoever, but can definitely contribute towards someone’s behavior,” the friend relates. “She was easily manipulated, especially by men. She tried to seem like she was the leader, but when it came to men she tried to do whatever she could to please them.” Including whack a body into little pieces with a “hatchet or axe and a machete-type knife.”

“I’m beyond shocked and in disbelief,” Aguilar’s friend relates. “I never would have seen this coming.” Neither did Vanessa Guillen. “I thought people were blaming her without the facts.” Now we all know that the facts are the pair removed the limbs and head from Vanessa Guillen’s body and buried the parts in three shallow graves. Aguilar has appeared in court for her arraignment and was formally charged with “one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence.”

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