Antifa Declares WAR


Antifa associated anarchists, upset with law enforcement training, decided to escalate recent incidents of violence to full scale war one Sunday night. By Monday morning, several of those arrested woke up to charges of domestic terrorism.

Antifa agitators charged

A large group of Antifa associated agitators were arrested Sunday night in Atlanta, Georgia at the site of the future Atlanta police and fire training center.

Booking records list domestic terror charges. Atlanta police and supporting agencies have been getting quite a bit of on the job training at their “Cop City” training center, even though they’ve barely broken ground on construction.

Activist groups, largely from outside the state and all with familiar Antifa indicators, have been protesting, sometimes violently. Anarchists have a thing against law enforcement.

This time, they arranged a music festival for cover. According to local outlets, the anarchists “had organized a gathering and music festival to kick off a ‘week of action‘ in protest against the training center.” There was, as advertised, lots of action.

Things took a “chaotic” turn, “with some of the activists storming the site and burning equipment.” That’s not protected free speech.

Police were offended and felt uncomfortable when the Antifa types started shooting fireworks at them. They were also throwing bricks, rocks, and flaming gasoline bombs at them. They immediately went into the action they’ve been previously trained for and enforced the law.

A large number arrested

Initial reports claimed 35 had been arrested and booked on a variety of charges including domestic terror but the number has since been revised downward a couple of times. The latest count is 23 Antifa agitators in custody. It’s still a developing story. The investigation is ongoing as well.

Atlanta Police Department notes in a statement that the music festival was only a diversion. The “violent agitators” took advantage “of a peaceful gathering.” Officers, meanwhile, “exercised restraint” and used non-lethal methods to make arrests. Nobody was killed in the March 5 skirmish.

The Antifa faction “Defend the Atlanta Forest” released a statement, as well, calling what happened a “militarized” police response to raid “a local family-friendly music festival in a public park.

One where they “used excessive force to arrest dozens of concert-goers and threatened to shoot people in the park.” What really happened is “a separate protest group with hundreds of people” marched like soldiers straight to the construction site.

The Antifa aligned guerrillas set several pieces of construction equipment on fire. Police Chief Darin Schierbaum didn’t like that. “Actions such as this will not be tolerated. When you attack law enforcement officers, when you damage equipment, you are breaking the law.

This was a “coordinated attack.” Also, the chief adds, “this was a very violent attack. This wasn’t about a public safety training center. This was about anarchy and this was about the attempt to destabilize, and we are addressing that quickly.

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