Arizona’s Explosive New Executive Order


In a new Executive Order which has leftists seething, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has directed Arizona’s Public Universities and Community Colleges that they CANNOT mandate a COVID19 vaccine or require vaccine documentation, nor can they be required to submit for COVID19 testing or wear masks. Cue the COVID-Cult meltdown in 3…2…1…

Arizona’s Executive Order In Detail

Ducey’s EO was precipitated by a new Police from Arizona State University which according to the order is “mandating that they (all students) be vaccinated prior to returning to campus for classes; and… requires that students who are not vaccinated or choose to not share their vaccination status will be subject to invasive restrictions such as daily health checks, twice-weekly testing and mandated mask-wearing”

The Governor rightly points out in his order that,

“This policy has the potential to treat those with religious beliefs about vaccinations differently” and

“both federal and state law allow individuals the option to accept or refuse vaccination.”

The Executive Order has a few caveats. (Because of course, it does. This is Doug Ducey we’re talking about.)

According to Breaking911 “The Executive Order provides exemptions for students participating in medical or clinical training. It does not prevent institutions of higher learning from encouraging vaccinations, providing testing or having voluntary mask usage, consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.”

And from the text of the order itself, “A public university may only require testing due to a significant COVID-19 outbreak in a shared student housing setting that poses a risk to the student or staff. Prior to implementing this requirement, the university must receive approval by the Arizona Department of Health Services.” The Order notably fails to define what a “significant” outbreak is.

Ducey is struggling to redeem himself in the eyes of his Republican constituents, following the catastrophic blowback he inflicted upon himself by turning his back on President Trump and GOP voters in the aftermath of the heavily compromised 2020 Election and his limp tolerance of the 2020 Election Audit. This move will move the needle a bit to be sure, but since Ducey is term-limited out of the Executive tower, whatever political future he’s angling for is uncertain for now. However, try as he might to clothe himself as a moderate, Ducey isn’t making friends with the left either. There’s an old bit of cowboy logic about straddling a fence that he should probably learn from.

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