Barack Obama’s Situation Goes Viral After His Response


As speculation continues to swirl that current President Joe Biden may not be running for re-election come 2024, many Democrats have begun to panic, searching for a new contender to present as the face of the Democratic nomination. And many members have turned to former first lady Michelle Obama in hopes that she will consider a run.

Barack Obama was asked this question over the weekend, but he gave no response one way or another – leading to even more speculation.

Though there have been numerous speculations regarding Michelle’s possible presidential bid, she has continually denied any interest in running for office.

Still, Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently predicted on his “Verdict” podcast that should Biden be cut loose from his presumed nomination by Democrats, “the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama” at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in August 2024. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took to social media platform X to echo these sentiments saying “Don’t be surprised…I still say it’ll be Michelle O’ #2024Election. Biden’s out.”

In response to a viral post by political author Greg Rubini theorizing that California Governor Gavin Newsom may become the eventual Democrat nominee, Palin tweeted her thoughts on who she believes will take on Donald Trump if he runs again – asserting her belief that it will be Michelle.

Furthermore, former White House and Pentagon official Douglas MacKinnon suggested that if neither Biden nor Harris were chosen as candidates for Democrats, they could turn to a past superstar like Mrs. Obama to create a stronger ticket.

A recent Politico article suggests some high-level Democrats are expressing doubts about having an 82 year old president starting a second term and harboring concerns of what their party’s ticket will look like without him.

These same Democrats may consider urging Mrs. Obama into entering into the race due to her “it” factor and being 59 years old however, she has consistently denied any interest whatsoever in running for office leaving many wondering who exactly will face off against Donald Trump.

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