Biden Aides Reveal He’s ‘Terrified’ of a Rematch With Trump in 2024 Election

Despite the various indictments against him, former President Donald Trump continues to dominate in the polls and increase his popularity with each passing day. And some people have really begun to take notice: Biden aides have come forward to reveal how they and the current president are becoming more and more concerned about their chances in the 2024 election.

Fox News reported that these aides were “terrified” of a rematch with Trump as polls show both candidates almost neck-and-neck.

The Washington Post’s David Ignatius even published an article recently arguing that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris should not run for reelection, suggesting it could potentially undo all that they have accomplished so far — most notably, stopping Donald Trump from retaining power.

This opinion has only served to further exacerbate fears within Biden’s circle.

Moreover, Democrats have yet to really contribute financially towards Biden’s re-election campaign which only adds to the stress and worry coming from his circle.

The White House Counsel’s Office sent out a memo asking major news outlets such as CNN, New York Times and Fox News to “ramp up their scrutiny” of House Republicans concerning the impeachment inquiry into Biden based on lies.

This call for increased scrutiny has been met with criticism from some members of the media who feel that the administration is attempting to dictate editorial direction regarding impeachment.

Furthermore, journalists have suggested that if the White House wants to play hardball they should trot out Hunter Biden to answer questions rather than issuing memos calling for greater scrutiny.

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